HTC Desire price drop follows iPhone 4 release

Google Android touting HTC main iPhone competitor

The Desire gets a fetching new price tag

In response to the arrival of the Apple iPhone 4, T-Mobile has announced it is to slash contract prices of the iPhone’s main competitor, the Android touting HTC Desire.

With many consumers turning their backs on the latest Apple offering in the light of the handset's signal loss issues, T-Mobile’s cut price tariffs could see the tried-and-tested HTC device very gratefully picking up Apple’s pieces.

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The first of the two new Desire contracts offers 100 minutes, 100 texts and 3GB of inclusive data on a web’n’walk package for just £20 per month. Although customers desiring the Desire for such a low monthly charge will have to cough up an initial £35.99 for the handset, it still puts the total 18-month obligatory contract at just £395.99.

In relation, a similar iPhone 4 package on Vodafone, admittedly with 150 addition texts but less minutes and a lower data allowance, would set you back £909.

A second new Desire contract from T-Mobile will give those taking up the deal 600 minutes, 500 texts and 3GB of data for a two year total of £550 that’s just £25 per month and £50 up front. Bargain.

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