Google Assistant app to 'go beyond' Apple's Siri?

Android team working on a "do engine" that it'll open to third-party app makers

Reports over the weekend suggest that Google is working on a Siri rival that will help users accomplish real-life goals. 'Assistant' will also be open to third-party app developers.

Google's Android team is hard at work on a voice-controlled application called Assistant, which will 'go beyond' what Apple's Siri app can offer users.

The application will launch in the fourth quarter of 2012, according to TechCrunch, and will be a mobile, voice-centred "do engine" that will focus on helping people accomplish "real-life" goals, rather than simply returning information.

Info would be powered by Google search, Google +1 while personalised results would come through Google+ social network.

Sources are telling TechCrunch that "goal-oriented search" will be a major part of Google's push in 2012, following its extensive social endeavours in 2012.

Google is also planning on launching an API to allow third-party Android app developers to include Assistant as part of their own offerings, which would open up a world of possibilities.

With a host of Siri clones already lining the Android Market and Apple App Store, it's certainly intriguing to hear that Google is working on a voice-controlled Assistant of its own. We'll be keeping an eye, and an ear, on this one.

Via: TechCrunch