Galaxy Tab accessories unveiled

Keyboard dock and portable speakers among add-ons

Get the most from new Android slate with slew of new extras.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is just a couple of weeks away from release. And the Korean giant has come clean about a string of new accessories that are aimed at getting the most out of the iPad-rival.

There’s a Carphone Warehouse-exclusive keyboard dock, which offers a full-size QWERTY while holding the Galaxy Tab in portrait. You’ll be able to charge it while it’s plugged in, as well as hook up speakers or headphones via the audio output. It’s set to cost £69.99.

Sammy has also confirmed a sleek Silicon case, which uses D30 technology, for £20. This material converts itself from a soft, flexible gel into a shock absorbent material as soon as it hits a hard surface.

You’ll also be able to lay your mitts on a multimedia desk dock for £39.99, which not only lets you juice the Tab up, but also includes an HDMI out port for sharing your stashed hi-def goodies.

On top of these headline grabbers, Samsung is also unleashing dedicated portable speakers, headphones, a TV-Out cable and in-car charger. The Galaxy Tab goes on sale on 1 November, with a SIM-free price of £530.