Dutch court injunction bans Samsung Galaxy S II sales

Update: Samsung speaks out on Galaxy S II ban

Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S and Galaxy Ace hit by new injunction awarded to Apple by a Dutch court

A Dutch court has awarded Apple an injunction that will see the Samsung Galaxy S II handset banned from sale in the country, new reports have revealed.

After the recent overruling of the injunction that stopped Samsung selling its 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab to European markets, new reports have suggested a Rechtbank’s-Gravenhage court in The Hague has now granted Apple a preliminary injunction preventing the sale of the Samsung Galaxy S II handset.

The preliminary injunction, awarded to Apple on the basis that the Samsung devices infringe on patents held by the Cupertino company will see sales of the Samsung Galaxy S II, its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Galaxy Ace all halted in the Netherlands in seven weeks time.

The latest in a longstanding legal battle the Galaxy S II injunction follows a ruling by a German court which saw the Galaxy Tab 10.1 briefly barred from sale across European markets before the decision was overturned.

The injunction, which applies to three separate subsidiaries of Samsung based in the Netherlands, will not see the range of handsets barred across the EU but might force the Korean tech giant to re-route its shipments to the continent in order to bypass its European logistics hub based in Holland.


Speaking with T3 an official spokesperson for samsung has said: "Today's ruling is an affirmation that the GALAXY range of products is innovative and distinctive. With regard to the single infringement cited in the ruling, we will take all possible measures including legal action to ensure that there is no disruption in the availability of our GALAXY smartphones to Dutch consumers. This ruling is not expected to affect sales in other European markets.

We will continue our plans to introduce new products and technologies that meet and exceed consumer expectations. And we will defend our intellectual property rights through the ongoing legal proceedings around the world.”

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