FM creator says classic mode may put an end to related marital strife

New mode is less time-consuming, so users will have more time to spend with their partners

Football Manager 2013's less demanding Classic Mode could finally put an end to the amount of couples citing the game in divorce cases

The less time-consuming classic mode in Football Manger 2013 means men can now enjoy more time with their partners - and possibly even put an end to the number of couples divorcing over it, according to the game’s creator.

The new classic mode in FM 2013 is designed to be less demanding by simplifying club management, so it can be completed quicker and there’s less of a workload.

Since 2004, the game has been citied in more than 35 divorce cases, according to the Telegraph.

When asked whether the launch of FM 2013 will spark a new wave of divorces, creator Miles Jacobson told T3: “Maybe classic mode will put an end to that? It will give people time to play the game, but also to spend some quality time with their partners.

“It’s never funny when couples divorce, especially if you know the full details of the break-up, such as the names of the couple in question - but I’d be much more upset if a school kid failed their exams over it.”

Jacobson insists Sports Interactive isn’t to blame for the splits: “We’re out there to entertain. When I was in school I failed my exams because I was busy playing computer games. But I didn’t blame anyone – it was my fault.”

Football Manager is considered by most to be an addictive game; it has been reported that some fans spend up to eight hours playing it. There is no official release date for FM 2013, however, T3 understands it’ll be out by Christmas.

Words: Bertan Budak