BlackBerry BBX OS announced

New hybrid OS that 'combines the best of QNX and BB'

After the server crash last week BlackBerry was not looking in the best of shape, however RIM has fought back at its BlackBerry DevCon in America unveiling their latest revelation in the world of BlackBerry

BlackBerry has announced a brand new mobile operating system called BBX, combining what they calim to be the 'best of QNX and the best of BlackBerry OS' it will be a hybrid that will work on both smartphones and tablets.

RIM has made the step to allow developers access to around 100 open source libraries which should entice more and more potential developers and companies into choosing BlackBerry as their platform of choice.

BlackBerry BBX Features:

Focusing heavily on HTML 5, the new platform will be designed to make business users have a completely seamless experience, removing as many of the steps as possible to make it a true 'pick up and play' device for businesses.

What was also mentioned was the inclusion of a 'work' section in the BlackBerry App World which will reportedly be appearing on a new BlackBerry PlayBook, confirming that Blackberry will be replacing their current tablet.

With the DevCon still ongoing there's bound to be more announcements and more information on BlackBerry's new OS BBX, so keep it locked to T3. What do you think, is BBX going to save BlackBerry from its current woes? Let us know in the comments section below...