Best umbrella: shelter from the showers with these raining champions

Deflect those raindrops with our guide to the top brollys

Don't let the weather get the better of you – or ruin your hairstyle. Choose one of these stylish brollies to be your trusty companion.

Totes Xtra Strong Umbrella Check

This is one brolly that won't get blown inside out by a sudden gust of wind, thanks to its three-section aluminium frame. It opens and closes with the press of a button, and we're big fans of the traditional style curved handle, too.

Senz Original

Here's another one that's built to withstand strong winds – Senz claims it'll never turn inside out. This is down to its unique aerodynamic shape – it's shorter at the front, so it “floats on the wind”. Its 50+UV coating means it doubles as a parasol – great for next summer.

Adidas Single Canopy Golf Umbrella

No need to let the rain put you off your game with this 60-inch umbrella. It features an ergonomic rubber-coated handle and a vented canopy engineered to resist windy conditions. Just find a caddy to hold it for you.

Blunt Xs_Metro + Tile

Never lose your umbrella again, thanks to the XS_Metro's tracker tile that you can trace via an app. It's also aerodynamic, collapsible and super strong, reinforced by 4mm fibreglass ribs. It comes with a two-year warranty.

London Undercover Classic Houndstooth

Look every inch the City gent with this well-crafted, full-size umbrella. Its contrasting black outer and houndstooth inner canopy are finished off with a seamlessly integrated maple-wood shaft and handle.

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