The very best Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2 deals for August 2017

If you're in the market for a new Apple Watch, you've come to the right place - we've got the very best Apple Watch deals for you. 

The Apple Watch has already made Apple the second biggest watchmaker in the world. 

Apple is continuing this push with Apple Watch Series 2, which sees a big update to the Watch internally, even if it remains largely unchanged on the outside. The Series 2 once again comes in 38mm and 42mm varieties and is now water-resistant to 50 metres so you can take it for a swim, it has a faster dual-core processor and GPU, and a brighter display. 

Crucially, there’s also built-in GPS, which can measure routes, pace and distance when you’re out on a run or hike without needing an iPhone – often a criticism of the first Watch.

Apple also introduced a ceramic model to replace the gold Edition, and has partnered with Nike to create the Apple Watch Nike+, a range of runner-oriented models. The Hermès straps come in new colours and designs, too, and also get bundled with an orange Hermès Sport Band… not many people know that!

Buying options have become a little more confused though. The original Watch lineup has been completely renamed for starters, no more Sport, it’s just ‘Watch’, either in aluminium or steel finish and bizarrely you have less choice in what band colour combination you want, some bands only come with particular colour Watch and size. 

And be aware that the Series 1 isn’t the old Watch rebadged, it does have the better dual-core processor inside. Prices for Series 1 start at £269 and Series 2 at £369.

Best Apple Watch Series 1 deals

Exactly the same housing as the original model but boosted with a dual-core processor and comes with watchOS 3 out of the box. Apple clearly thought the original needed that extra bit of power for tasks so it’s a welcome change, but you don’t get as many options as you did with the very first Watch.

 Best Apple Watch Series 2 deals 

Apple’s true second-generation Watch has minor cosmetic changes (ports repositioned and a new look to the inductive charging area at the back), but the big feature is a brighter display, GPS, and water resistance up to 50 metres. To many it’s the Watch people wanted first time around.

Best Apple Watch Nike+ deals 

Apple has partnered with Nike to create the Apple Watch Nike+, a range of runner-oriented models. So here are the best Apple Watch Nike+ deals.

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