BBC News website gets tech based redesign

Modern overhaul gives Beeb social networking links

Social networking joins BBC News update

After several years with a tried and tested format, the BBC has given its news website a dramatic and modern overhaul with focus being added to multimedia content and social networking links.

Dusting off a layer of aged fustiness, the Beeb has made the hugely popular news site less formal with a more spacious, less staid, white space heavy redesign, its first major transformation since 2003.

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Pushing its audio and video content in a new, prominently placed multimedia box, and with added one-click to share Twitter and Facebook links accompanying each story, the updated BBC website is in keeping with the tech expectations of a 2010 readership.

The changes are not over yet for the BBC, however. Steve Hermann, BBC News website editor, has proclaimed the site’s possibilities for future adaptation saying: "There's also been some major behind-the-scenes work on our production system which means we'll be able to adapt even more quickly in future, whether to the changing expectations of our users or to new technology as it emerges."

With the BBC News redesign creating a bit of a Marmite reaction, we want to know whether you love of hate the overhaul via the T3 Twitter and Facebook pages.