Apple working on prototype store?

New Palo Alto store to have community theme?

While known for making great products Apple is also known for its architectural prowess with each store making a bold statement in any high street

Apple is planning on building a brand-new prototype store in Palo Alto, California, the site where one of Apple's first stores is located. The new store is to share the same design features as its most recent creations but will have a whole host of new features to help you pick out your first iPad 2 or iPod.

The $3 million rebuild is a completely brand-new store just down the road from the original and will apparently be an accumulation of all the things Apple have learned over the years in building stores.

The idea of a prototype was actually leaked by the architects, who in their planning documents have described the new building as a 'prototype' while also suggesting that the building will act as a community space.

This could be the first clue that Apple is planning on expanding its stores to include coffee shops, lounges, possibly even large teaching spaces in an effort to make their buildings more community friendly.

Earlier this year Jawbone exclusively revealed to T3 that Apple was planning on adding 'Appcessory' sections to their Apple stores with dedicated areas of the store being devoted to kitting out your iPhone or iPad.

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Source: CNET