Apple TV hacked to run 720p iOS applications

HD iPad apps make the jump to Apple TV following a hack of the internet connected service

Apple has been attacked by hackers once again with the company's Apple TV internet connected set top box now capable of running 720p iPad apps

Apple's current content provider for existing television sets, Apple TV has been hacked with the Internet connected set top box now capable of running full screen iPad applications.

With no dedicated App Store for Apple TV a pair of determined hackers have taken matters into their own hands with the end result seeing the springboard functionality for iPad apps replaced and the iOS applications making a 720p HD jump to the TV service.

Far from a simple mirroring technique the latest hack, masterminded by hackers Nick@TheMudKip and Steven Troughton-Smith allows apps to run independently across Apple TV platforms. The hack has yet to be fully released for public use.

Apple TV App Hack

"Nick had written this amazing window manager for the iPad that replaced the entire homescreen, allowing you to run multiple apps side by side," Dublin-based hacker Troughon-Smith announced recently. "I realized this could enable iOS apps on the Apple TV for the first time.

"We've spent the past 2 days modifying everything to work really well on the Apple TV screen size, etc, and getting apps to run."

Troughton-Smith has insisted the hack is not intended in a malicious manner but as an attempt to nudge Apple into creating a Apple TV App Store. He Tweeted: "Remember how the unofficial iPhone apps back in '07 forced Apple's hand in creating an App Store? I'd like AppleTV to get the same treatment."

Are you an Apple TV user? Would the arrival of a dedicated Apple TV App Store enhance your user experience or tempt you into splashing out on an Apple TV box? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: TechRadar