Apple iPhone pulled from O2 green scheme mobile rating

UK's first mobile eco-rating system launched by O2

O2 eco-rating for mobiles to miss Apple's iPhone

iPhone maker Apple has refused to allow its smartphone handsets to be included in the UK’s first-ever eco mobile rating system launched today by network provider O2.

In the new green scheme O2 will award compatible handsets a rating between zero and five based on their ecological impact of raw materials, manufacturing process, packaging and expected lifespan. Despite Apple’s decision to avoid participation in the new eco scoring system, 93 per cent of handsets offered by O2 will be given the green credentials test including devices from Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung. RIM's BlackBerry handsets are confirmed to join the scheme next year.

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Apple’s unwillingness to partake in this eco scheme is surprising given the company’s reputation for openly boasting about its planet-saving credentials and minimalist environmental footprint. Unsurprisingly however, the fruity tech company has refused to comment on the reasoning behind its decision.

Claiming that 44 per cent of consumers are concerned about the green aspects of the mobile handsets they buy, O2’s UK Chief Executive, Ronan Dunne has declared: “Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the social and environmental impact of the technology they buy and we believe this kind of product transparency will help empower them to make greener choices.”

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Via: Guardian