iPhone 4 revamp coming Q1 2011: iPhone 5 new design

iPhone 4 design scrapped as iPhone 5 pushed forward

Apple ready next gen iPhone for early 2011 arrival

Cupertino tech behemoth Apple is rumoured to be developing an Apple iPhone for launch early next year as well as dropping the troubled design of the current iPhone 4 in the development of the upcoming iPhone 5.

The claims of the imminent iPhone arrival come from the Wall Street Journal which reports that “people familiar with the matter” have confirmed the iPhone is to receive an overhauled chipset in order to contend with a rise in competitive high-end smartphones running versions of the Google Android operating system.

Alongside news of the revamped iPhone 4, The Wall Street Journal has reported that its in-the-know contact said the iPhone 5 will feature a “different form factor”, adopting a brand new design following the antennagate issues that plagued the launch of the current handset and resulted in signal issues and dropped calls.

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Link: Wall Street Journal