Apple iPad secrets: Man who leaked specs faces prison

A man who sold Apple secrets faces 30 years in prison

A man who sold secret information about the Apple iPad prior to launch faces 30 years in prison

An American man is facing up to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to leaking information on upcoming Apple products.

Walter Shimoon has revealed that he leaked confidential information on the original iPad tablet prior to the device’s official unveiling, selling the insider knowledge to industry figures with prosecutors claiming Shimoon also sold information of the iPhone 4 before its arrival including details on its dual-camera credentials.

Shimoon who worked at Flextronics International, a component manufacturer which supplies Apple and other leading tech players, made a reported $27,000 (£16,900) selling Apple’s secrets before being arrested in December of last year. He will be sentenced in July 2013.

Alleged with selling details on the iPad, codenamed the K48, Shimoon was caught on tape announcing in a phone conversation that Apple was so protective of the K48 project that you could be fired if "outside of a meeting that doesn't have K48 people in it.” He added: “That's how crazy they are about it".

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