Apple iPad 2 launch: Record-breaking queues

Apple fans stretch round the block at Apple launch

Thousands stake out Apple Stores for iPad 2 launch.

Despite pouring rain in parts of the States yesterday evening, the queues of Apple fans itching to get their hands on Apple's iPad 2 stretched literally around the block, with Apple Stores and neighbouring shops in New York and San Francisco being completely enveloped by would-be iPad 2 owners. According to Apple staffers and shoppers, the queues are the longest of any Apple product launch in history.

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With the news that pre-orders of the iPad 2 could take as long as three weeks to arrive on the doormats of their respective owners, thousands of people flocked to their local Apple Stores, queueing through the day and into the night. So great was the demand that Apple Stores in New York and San Francisco sold out several models of their launch day stock just hours after they went on sale.

As is traditional at the launch of any iProduct worth its salt, Apple fans were camped outside Apple Stores across the States with sleeping bags and umbrellas overnight to be the first people in the world to pick up Jobs' new tablet.

With the new, dual-core A5 processor, trimmed down form factor and graphical performance claimed by Jobs to be nine times better than the original iPad, the iPad 2 is shaping up to be a worrying adversary for those tech firms that announced tablets at this year's MWC. You can take a look-see at what all the fuss is about in our exclusive hands-on video below.

iPad 2 Video: Hands on

Source: T3 Tech Video