Android 3.0 Honeycomb demoed on Motorola tablet

Upcoming Google OS follows arrival of Android 2.3

Android 3.0 shown off following 2.3 launch

The first Android 2.3 handset might only have been announced yesterday, but Android 3.0, aka Honeycomb, the first to play nice with tablets, has already been outed in a hands-on video with the upcoming Motorola Stingray.

Following the arrival of the Samsung Nexus S and its Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) filling, Google’s Andy Rubin took to the stage at the D: Drive Into Mobile event in San Francisco to demo the upcoming 3.0 OS on what's believed to be the heavily touted Motorola tablet.

The Honeycomb OS has a typical Android style enhanced by on-screen desktop-esque navigational inflections brought on by the lack of the usual trio of navigation buttons found on Android handsets. Rubin said: “This is an early version of Honeycomb, that’s what the engineers are all working on right now and it will be out sometime next year.”

Details are scant on the actual tablet: the name isn't official, and according to Rubin it “isn’t due out for a while now”, but he could confirm it has a dual-core Nvidia 3D processor. There's also no launch date, but with Honeycomb expected early 2011, we could well see it hit the market around the same time as the Apple iPad 2 and RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. Now that sounds like a good tablet fight if ever we saw one.

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Via: PocketLint