Best AirPlay speakers and audio devices 2011

Kit you can wirelessly stream music to from your iOS device

Music streaming can be an expensive business, but if you've already got an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, AirPlay is a wire-free solution to liberate your iTunes content. Here's the best AirPlay speakers and set-ups to buy in 2011

Taking over from AirTunes, AirPlay landed with iOS 4.2 allowing users to stream video, audio and photos from your Apple iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV over Wi-Fi. We've rounded up six of the best devices to liberate your iTunes music, movies, photos and more from your beloved Apple tech. See below for the best AirPlay speakers and audio devices to buy now.

Marantz Melody Media
Best for… Simplicity
Streams music from all iDevices, after a £40 firmware upgrade. Also has a radio, line in and plays your musty collection of CDs.

B&W Zeppelin Air
Best for… Aesthetes
Why settle for a square box? Version 2.0 of B&W’s thing of otherworldly beauty adds AirPlay streaming and upgraded amplification.

Denon AVR-4311
Best for… The brashly wealthy
Is the sheer weight of your wallet making balance difficult? This AirPlay-ready, 9.2-channel, pro quality receiver with Dolby TrueHD is for you.

Best for… Multitasking
Now supports AirPlay, after a firmware bump. Inputs galore and CD complete a thing so sexy, it’s actually playing You Sexy Thing in its promo photo.

iHome IW1
Best for… Portability
AirPlay becomes OpenAirPlay – quick, someone copyright that – as the iW1 has a rechargeable battery, making it the roamer’s choice.

Apple TV
Best for… Applephiles
Link your TV to all your Apple devices with this beermat-sized music- and video-sucking device. Also lets you stream HD films and TV from t’web.
£101, I Apple TV review