The SvBony SV25 Refractor Telescope is an affordable, powerful wonder that's ideal for beginners and beyond

Visit the stars without the risk of death in a vacuum, using this superb telescope

SvBony SV25 Refractor Telescope
(Image credit: Svbony)

The SvBony SV25 Refractor Telescope might be aimed at kids but it's a great affordable star hunter for any newb that wants to get into galaxy gazing. This has even made our list of the best telescopes of the year.

The low price, portability and included tripod make this ideal for finding constellations, viewing the moon's many craters or even earth based animal watching if you like.

This 60mm aperture refractor telescope features a 5x20 finder scope as well as two eyepieces capable of 20x and 47x magnification. 

All that is mounted on an adjustable aluminium tripod that's super simple to get setup making it perfect for children. It also means it's nice and portable which is great for holidays to anywhere out in nature where there is very little light pollution. 

SvBony SV25

(Image credit: SvBony)

Once you've moved this onto what you want to view, you can take a photo or video. This is thanks to a handy adapter mount that allows you to attach your phone to get super space snaps.

This has a low price tag and will get you good views of the moon. But should you want to go deeper into space you may need to shell out a bit more for a more powerful scope.

The SvBony SV25 is a fantastic telescope that could turn you or your little one into a stargazer from the moment you open the box, it's that easy to use.

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