The Moskito is both an analogue smartwatch and bike speedometer in one

If you like cycling and wrist-based gadgets then the Swiss-made Moskito could be your perfect companion

If you do a lot of cycling then the Moskito analogue smartwatch and bike speedometer could be right down your alley.

The watch, which is currently running through a Kickstarter campaign, promises a device "like you have never seen before", offering chronograph and analogue tachometer in one, meaning that you can just as easily use it to tell the time and get email notifications as measure distance travelled and your current and average speed.

Key to this dual functionality is the Moskito's ability to detach its watchface - which clips out of the wristband - and then be mounted on a bike's handlebars. The mechanism looks well implemented from what we can see, allowing you to rapidly switch between the two modes. 

Check it out for yourself by watching the project's official pitch video.

In terms of watch details, the Moskito is stated to come with Swiss-made hands and dial, a hardened mineral or sapphire glass dome, real leather strap, rechargeable Li-Ion battery (run time of 6-24 months) and precision quartz movement with six bi-directional motors.

Prices start at around the £415 mark and stretch on up to £570-ish, which when compared to buying a smartwatch and speedometer separately, is rather quite expensive.

For more information about the Moskito then head on over the project's Kickstarter page.

Robert Jones
Robert Jones

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