Shark Ninja has a sale on now with deals on its superb air fryers, vacuums and more

But let us help you shop around and you could find even bigger savings

Shark Ninja UK sale: deals on now!
(Image credit: Shark Ninja)

Shark and Ninja are two of my favourite brands, just as Sharks and Ninjas are two of my favourite things. Right now this pair of non-identical-twin brands is having a joint sale, with savings on Shark's much-loved range of corded and cordless vacuum cleaners – and other chunky household goods – and also on Ninja's excellent kitchenwares, cookware and knives.

• Shop the Shark sale with up to £170 off (opens in new tab)

• Shop the Ninja sale with up to £140 off (opens in new tab)

If you've been looking for a new air fryer, vacuum cleaner or very weird ice cream maker, today could be your lucky day. However, do take note of our pricing widgets below each deal, in case there's a better price to be had elsewhere – Amazon for instance, where everything Shark and Ninja makes appears to be on sale 24/7/365.

One thing that might sway you to the official stores is that all Ninja purchases this weekend will net you a free Ninja Apron on everything and Free Ninja Roasting Forks 'with Selected Ninja products'. Shark shoppers, meanwhile, receive a free car detailing kit, with selected vacs. Okay, it's not quite the deal of the decade, but it's better than nothing.

Shark IZ300UK £219, was £430 at Shark UK (opens in new tab)
Get £50 off this cordless vac with anti-hair-wrap technology. It looks like a bit of a brute, and performs like one too, cleaning effortlessly on carpets and hard floors alike, even on the standard mode – no need for turbo all the time here. The battery life is very good as a result, and you can see how much is left on a handy LED screen.

With Power Fins for Shark's best cordless cleaning ever, this vac also boasts a tube that be bent in two, to clean under beds, coffee tables, your spouse, and anything else with legs.

Shark WV270UK £130, was £180 at Shark UK (opens in new tab)
Everyone loves this super-compact handheld vac, including my brother, who actually uses it for cleaning up after his pet rabbit. You wouldn't want to do that with a lesser quality vac. This feels good in the hand and sucks surprisingly well for such a dinky thing. As well as rabbit poo, it's good for everyday spills and car boots and interiors.

The battery only lasts 15 minutes per charge on this mini-vac, but there's an attractive charger mount so it should always be ready for action. But could there be a better deal on elsewhere right now?

Ninja Foodi SmartLid OL550UK £179, was £230 at Ninja UK (opens in new tab)
Get a socking £51 off one of the best air fryers and one of the best Instant Pot-style pressure cookers around. This dual purpose device has 11 cooking presets in total – including some excellent steam roast options – and a capacity of 6 litres which I am glad to say is enough for a whole chicken.

I use this machine's big brother, the OL750UK practically every day, and it is an excellent performer. £51 off and a free apron is not to be sniffed at, particularly if you desperately need an apron.

Ninja NC300UK £169, was £200 at Ninja UK (opens in new tab)
This Ninja Ice Cream & Dessert Maker has 7 presets: Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, Smoothie Bowl, Light Ice Cream, Milkshake & Mix-Ins. The last one lets you evenly distribute chocolate chips, nuts and so through your freshly-made frozen dessert. With summer approaching, this could be a very timely purchase, with a handy £31 off.

This machine uses a highly unusual technique to make frozen desserts. You freeze the ingredients beforehand, then it pushes a blender blade through it at high pressure. I've tried some of the results and they were very tasty indeed.

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