Amazon summer sale has Ultimate Ears speakers deals so good, you'd be a FOOL to miss out

BOOM! Save £££££ on Boom 2, Wonderboom, Megablast with Alexa and more

Summer Savings Week: best July sales deals
(Image credit: Ultimate Ears)

If you want waterproof and portable, Ultimate Ears make the best wireless speakers you can buy. They are often discounted, but today there are some unusually good Amazon Summer Sale deals on a load of their speakers, as part of the ongoing Best July sales discount madness. Did we mention it was Summer Savings Week at T3? 

Time is counting down on these deals, and you would be some kind of crazy damn FOOL to miss out on them. Tick, tick, tick, tick… (Wonder) BOOM!

• Shop all Ultimate Ears Mega deals at Amazon NOW

• Buy Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Lite for £63 at Amazon – was £170, save £107 

• Buy Ultimate Ears Wonderboom for £51 – was £90, save £39

• Buy Ultimate Ears Megablast (with Alexa inside) for £120 at Amazon – was £270, save £150

Okay, some of the 'normal prices' quoted here are a little fanciful, but these are very good discounts on these great sounding, waterproof speakers with long battery life and attractive styling.

Ultimate Ears Megablast £120 | Was £270 | Save £150 at Amazon
This may look like any other Ultimate Ears speaker – it's shaped like a lager can, waterproofed and covered in fabric – but it has a trick up its sleeve in the form of Alexa. So now you can voice control your Amazon or Spotify tunes and enjoy great sound even if you drop it in the swimming pool (or bath).

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom £51 | Was £90 | Save £39 at Amazon
The perfect cheap choice for a summer party where wetness is potentially on the menu, this is IPX7 rated for waterproofing. With a great, poppy sound that belies its small size and low (very low today) price, this is a steal. You can pair two of these little sonic grenades in stereo or dual mono if you need even more volume. View Deal

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Lite £63 | Was £170 | Save £107
Sure, probably nobody has ever paid £170 for this compact cylindrical powerhouse, but this is still another very good deal. Again it's waterproof and the 360-degree sound is suitably pumping, while those seeking an even bigger sound can pair two or more of these. You could, in fact have 150 of them playing the same tune at once. View Deal

All of these discounted speakers come in any colour you like, so long as it's black. They are also all perfectly fine to use indoors. The audio is surprisingly good considering they're 100% waterproof and built for pool parties. These Ultimate Ears speakers look as good as they sound, and their footprint is very small, so they are particularly good for the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

With long Bluetooth range, compact size, full waterproofing and the option to pair two or more, Booms, Megabooms, Megablasts and Wonderbooms are the perfect portable speakers. These deals only run today although we expect to keep seeing discounts on Ultimate Ears speakers forever and ever.