Cheap 4K TV deal: save £200 on this superb 2020 40-inch Panasonic 4K HDR TV

This TV deal gives you cinematic 4K images in a compact set, with support for both next-gen HDR formats, and an amazing gaming mode

Cheap TV deal Panasonic HX800
(Image credit: Panasonic)

Looking for a cheap 4K TV deal on a set that's ideal for smaller living rooms or a bedroom, but that doesn't skimp out on picture quality? Currys is currently offering £200 off the 40-inch Panasonic HX800, which is a TV that only came out a couple of weeks ago, and that we've already raved about – this is one of the best TVs deals around right now.

Buy the Panasonic TX-40HX800 for £799 from Currys

In our Panasonic HX800 review, we called this model "a really rewarding and cinematic TV" – that's thanks to its combination of support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ advanced HDR formats, plus Panasonic's general focus on image accuracy.

Panasonic makes sets that focus on colours that are true to life, rather than aiming for punchy razzle-dazzle, and in this set you really get the feeling that you're seeing an image close to what the director intended – that's Panasonic's whole schtick with its sets, and it's just as impressive here as on the company's high-end OLEDs.

It does really well with 4K detail too, and also impresses with its handling of HD and SDR content – regular TV shows are upscaled really effectively, which great since streaming services are still full of that kind of stuff.

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It's also a really great choice for gaming: it supports the new ALLM (auto low-latency mode) feature that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will include, which means it change automatically to a gaming-focused mode when you turn you console on. And for lag-free gaming, this is one of the best TVs we've ever seen – its response time of 10ms is astonishingly low.

Also, it doesn't hurt that this is quite a looker – a nice slim frame and premium-feeling build quality help it to feel even more like money well spent.

Panasonic TX-40HX800 4K HDR TV | Save £200 | Buy now for £799 from Currys
Panasonic balances image quality and price expertly with its HX800 range: elite HDR support and an excellent game mode mean it's a connoisseur's choice for both movie-lovers and gamers. Being a brand-new 2020 TV means you're getting the latest and greatest image processing and smart features – now with a cool 20% off!View Deal