Cheap 55 inch 4K TV deal at Walmart: $270 off Samsung 55 inch 4K LED Smart TV

Save $270 with this cheap 55 inch 4K TV deal – Get a Samsung 55 inch 4K Smart TV today for under $400 at Walmart.

Save $270 with this cheap 55 inch 4K TV deal at Walmart.
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Thinking it's time for an upgrade? This cheap 55 inch 4K TV deal at Walmart gets you a brand new Samsung 55 inch LED 4K Smart TV for under $350 – $270 off it's original $699 price tag.

Anyone in the market for a new Smart TV shouldn't have to look far for a great deal, but thankfully we're here to find them for you. Going on now at Walmart, you can pick up a Samsung 55 inch 4K Smart TV for just under $350.

If you're familiar with Samsung TVs, then you probably understand that a discount this size is pretty unheard of. Rightfully so in some cases, as Samsung 4K TVs are some of the best 4K TVs available.

Walmart pulls through from time to time though and drops a deal like this. The price point is outstanding and the $270 savings can't be beat on this. Don't miss out on grabbing this Samsung 55 inch 4K TV for a price this low.

Samsung 55 inch LED UHD 4K Smart TV | Was: $599 | Now: $327.99 | Save $270 at Walmart
Richer colors, clearer images and a smoother viewing experience – all for under $350. With a Samsung Smart TV, you can share mobile content, stream games, watch your favorite streaming services, and more directly from your 4K TV.View Deal

Samsung 55 inch LED UHD 4K Smart TV Highlights

  • Ultra HD picture quality – 4K visuals with a crystal clear 55 inch LED screen
  • PurColor technology with HDR10+ provides a more vivid viewing experience – richer colors, deeper blacks, more detail
  • 120Hz refresh rate – fluid motion becomes more defined and clearer, higher visual fidelity in intense scenes and games
  • Stream it all – stream you favorite movies and TV shows directly through your TV, Netflix, Youtibe, Hulu, Prime Video, and more are all available
  • SmartThings device management - control you Samsung TV and other smart devices through a single app
  • Ports for all your home theater needs – (2) HDMI, (1) USB, (1) Ethernet, (1) Optical

Samsung 55 inch LED UHD 4K Smart TV Summary

The price alone on this deal should be all you need to convince you, as Samsung products usually don't go on sale with this big of a discount. Getting a Samsung 55 inch 4K Smart TV for under $350 is rare indeed.

It comes with all the smart TV features you'd expect such as streaming services and apps built right in, but also has a few nifty features that don't appear on the surface.

For starter, the Steam Link app can be downloaded to your Samsung Smart TV. Stream your favorite PC games directly to your TV, no additional devices required. With many PC users hooking up to their TV's this is a cool feature that elps reduce some clutter.

The second is the SmartThing device management app. Not only can you manage your Samsung 4K Smart TV, any other smart devices connected in your home can be controlled. Lights, locks, virtual assistants, you name it.

The value for the price here is hard to beat, as cheap 4K TV deals like this – especially on Samsung 4K TVs – don't happen very often. You're also getting a ton of Smart TV features at standard TV pricing. If you're in the market for a new TV, this would be one to buy.

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