Best Currys sale deals: brilliant AEG Steambake is £230 off!

Just one of many great deals on right now in the Currys sale

AEG Steambake oven deal
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If you're looking for a truly red hot deal in the Currys sale – itself quite vindaloo grade in terms of hotness – look no further than this AEG Steambake oven. Self-cleaning, a temperature probe AND massive temperature range for under £500? That isn't just a deal, it's a steal. 

• Buy AEG SteamBake BPS552020M electric oven for £499 at Currys. Was £729

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• Shop the rest of Currys' Biggest Ever Clearance Sale!

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AEG SteamBake BPS552020M electric oven

AEG SteamBake BPS552020M electric oven £499 at Currys | Was £729 | Save £230
I don't know if the 'SteamBake' branding puts people off as they think this oven is only of use to bakers, but I've used one for years and I can't and don't bake at all. It's an extremely high quality oven with a temp range from slow-cook-friendly 40ºC to an insanely hot £300, so it's great for more 'experimental' cooks. And it's self-cleaning – which, let me tell you, is important if you cook at 300ºC on a regular basis. Snap this up NOW, chefs.

Why you should buy AEG SteamBake BPS552020M

This excellent oven and grill is by no means overpriced at its usual RRP of £729. For just short of £500 it is a ridiculous bargain. The features you get are definitely worth more than that. 

• A temperature probe to constantly check the internal temp of meat – and other things, if you are a very unconfident or lazy chef – for perfect roasts every time.

• Pyrolytic self cleaning. No, that doesn't mean you have to get drunk before cleaning it. Rather, the inside of the oven is treated with a coating that can be heated to 500ºC, cremating all grease and cooking debris into a fine dust. 

• 300ºC max cooking temperature – one for the more macho cooks out there. It also reaches your desired temp quickly, and maintains it very accurately. So it's also great for slow cooking at lower temperatures.

• Steambake function puffs moisture over your baked goods so they are more moist, or something. To be honest I have never used this, but bakers online seem to like it a lot.

In short, this is definitely among the best ovens you can buy.

Matt Kollat
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