Best Galaxy Note 9 cases: grab a top Samsung Note 9 case now

Want to protect your new Galaxy Note 9? We've picked the absolute best Note 9 cases from the world's greatest makers

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases

These are the best Galaxy Note 9 cases on the market today, and if you've just picked up a new Galaxy Note 9, you definitely need some top protection.

That's because the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is, as we note in our best smartphone guide, one of the very best Android phones in the world.

As such, it isn't a question of if you get one of the best Note 9 cases, but why haven't you already got one? Do you really want to drop a device that costs going-on, or more than, £800? Exactly…

But, don't worry, you've come to and we've got serious pedigree in choosing, rating and reviewing top phone cases.

And, as ever, we've worked incredibly hard to sort through the absolute plethora of Note 9 cases suddenly flooding the market to find you only the very best. These are, without doubt, the best Note 9 phone cases to protect your flagship new Galaxy device.

On top of supplying you a catalogue of the best, most premium cases on the market today, we've also delivered a list of the best Note 9 case makers in the world, too. These are makers with proper heritage in case making, not the johnny-come-latelies who specialise in nothing other than making a quick buck at your expense.

First up, though, is all the information you need to choose best best Galaxy Note 9 case for you.

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases: how do you choose a good Note 9 case?

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases

Choosing a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case should not be a decision you make easily. The Note 9 is not only the best Android phone in the world right now, but it is also a technical leader in the mobile phone industry, with the latest Galaxy loaded with premium specs and features.

There's a reason why what you are carrying around in your pocket costs going-on or more than £1,000, depending on model, so choosing a case that delivers for you is crucial.

No case delivers the best of everything, too, so you really need to decide what you prize most from a Note 9 case before pulling the trigger. For example, do you tend to veer towards maximum protection and don't care so much for portable or pretty cases? Or do you absolutely have to have a designer label that looks a million dollars but doesn't offer the absolute heaviest duty protection out there?

Think about your usage scenarios and blend that with your personal taste, both in terms of looks and feel, and you'll find it much easier to narrow down the perfect Note 9 case for you.

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases: what's the best design of Note 9 case?

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases

Different Galaxy Note 9 case designs excel at different things, be that out-and-out protection, looks and feel, or feature suite, and as such there isn't a stand-out case design that trumps all others.

There is instead a smorgasbord of case types that, depending on your personal taste and preferences, will be better or worse for you. These Note 9 case types include bumper, folio, flip, sock, pouch, sleeve, skin, wallet and clip, with combos of them sometimes the best way to guarantee all-round, 24/7 protection.

For example, if during the week you are on the phone non-stop because of your job, racing between appointments in the city, talking while walking, grabbing the phone and putting it back in your bag or pocket frequently, then a sock or pouch case is not very ideal, as while they deliver all-round protection, they require you to extract the phone each time you want to use it.

In this circumstance a bumper or clip Note 9 case would be better.

On the other hand, though, a clip or bumper would not really then be ideal for date nights or when out on the town with some mates, with something more stylish and compact, like a skin, flip, or folio a better design choice.

The best design of Note 9 case for you will also be dependent on how you intend to carry your phone? Will it be in a handbag filled with  various other items such as keys, deodorants, tablets, cash wallets, hair brushes, nail clippers etc? Because if so screen protection is a MUST to prevent internal scratching.

However, if you normally carry you phone around in your trouser pocket, then say a rubberised bumper case would not be a great design to plump for. This is because the highly grippable rubber has a tendency to cling to pocket walls, making extraction and insertion tricky.

The key point to take away, then, is that each Note 9 case design has plus points and minus points, so be sure to tailor your choices to your intended usage scenarios before flashing the cash.

best Galaxy Note 9 cases: how much should you pay for a quality Note 9 case?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case

Look, there's not getting away that quality costs. If you want one of the best Note 9 cases on the market then you're going to have pay more fiver and, if you want something designer or more exotic in flavour, quite a bit more.

Does that mean you have to run out and spend £150 on a nappa leather, gold-lined, designer folio case? Of course not. You can get a stylish, quality Note 9 case for £20 to £30, and certainly under £50, so our advice here at is to shop to a budget and find a sweet middle ground that you are happy paying.

If the case costs less than £10 then be sure to evaluate its build quality especially, as while it may be a perfectly sound case with attractive price point, it could also be all shirt and no trousers, looking like a decent case but actually delivering close to zero actual protection.

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases: who are the best Note 9 case makers?

Best Samsung Note 9 case

There are more Note 9 case makers than you can shake a stick at right now, with an absolute dump truck-load of cheap makers churning out cases with just one aim: cash in on the Galaxy Note 9's popularity and make a quick buck.

To these makers we say, loudly, GET STUFFED!

Here at T3 we're only interested in the absolute best Note 9 case makers in the world. We demand the absolute best protection for a device that costs going-on, or more than a grand, and we absolutely will not compromise on protection.

These are the case makers we trust to properly protect the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, with a proved track record and plenty of premium case heritage:

Nodus, Greenwich, Snakehive, Foxwood, Mophie, Ted Baker, X-Doria, Griffin, Proporta, Speck, Native Union, Tech21, Spigen, Ringke, Carl Friedrik, Mujjo, Gear4, Caseology, Olixar, Mous, Casetify and VRS Design

And, we have to say, this year's selection of Galaxy Note cases is some of these makers' best work to date. What follows are the absolute best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cases on the market today.

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases Olixar Sentinel

1. Olixar Sentinel Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case

The complete package at an attractive price

Reasons to buy
+Tempered glass screen protector+Premium textured  non-slip design

With its premium matte finish, non-slip carbon fibre and brushed metal design, and - thanks to an included-in-the-price tempered glass screen protector - 360-degree protection, the Olixar Sentinel is a superb all-round Galaxy Note 9 case.

You also get a case with tactile buttons, excellent port and camera cutouts, and a slim profile, too. With it ringing in at just £16.99 as well you aren't going to be breaking the bank either.

View Olixar Sentinel Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case

Best Note 9 cases Gear4 Battersea Galaxy

2. Gear4 Battersea Galaxy Note 9 case

A stunning, modern design and top protection

Reasons to buy
+D3O® frame surround+Gorgeous, soft touch finish

This stunning Galaxy Note 9 case from Gear4 not only looks dynamite but also has the protective chops, too, thanks to the maker's D3O® technology. D3O® material is designed to absorb and disperse energy on shock, which helps protect the Note 9 during drops and knocks.

With its easy-access port cutouts, black polycarbonate backplate with lush soft touch finish, and neat slimline profile, the Battersea is also one of the best all-round Note 9 cases on the market, which for £34.99 makes it an attractive proposition.

View Gear4 Battersea Galaxy Note 9 case

Best Galaxy Note 9 case Spigen Ultra Hybrid

3. Spigen Galaxy Note 9 Case Ultra Hybrid

A highly-portable case with Mil-grade protection

Reasons to buy
+Mil-grade certified with Air Cushion Technology+Super slim and portable transparent design

T3 favourite Spigen return once more with a stylish extension of its long-running Ultra Hybrid line of cases, which here in its Note 9 incarnation looks better than ever.

Minimalism is key to the Galaxy Note 9 Ultra Hybrid, with the case combining a shock-absorbent bumper with clear backplate, with Mil-grade certified Air Cushion technology. This leads to a case that is super thin yet very tough.

Compatible with wireless charging, and rocking excellent port access, the £17.99 Ultra Hybrid is definitely worth a goose if your prize portability.

View Spigen Galaxy Note 9 Case Ultra Hybrid

Best Note 9 case Speck Presidio Grip

4. Speck Presidio Grip Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case

A stylish case with excellent gripability

Reasons to buy
+Polycarbonate shell with Impactium rubber+Lifetime limited warranty

Speck certainly know a thing or two about making a great case, and here with the Presidio Grip Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case it's business as usual.

Two layers of protection come as standard, with a polycarbonate shell with Impactium rubber helping to absorb and disperse shock, while angled rubber ridges on the backplate help provide a secure no-slip grip.

A built-in raised bezel around the case helps protect the screen when placed face down, while a lifetime limited warranty adds another level of peace of mind. At $44.95, too, the Presidio Grip is firmly mid-range in terms of price point, too.

View Speck Presidio Grip Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case

Best note 9 case

5. Terrapin Leather Low Profile Wallet Note 9 Case

Luxurious genuine leather and a slim fit, too

Reasons to buy
+Genuine cow hide leather exterior+Strong magnetic clasp

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Genuine Leather Low Profile Wallet Case from UK case maker Terrapin delivers everything you want from a case of this type.

First off you get a quality build, with luxe genuine cow hide leather on the exterior and a premium synthetic leather interior feeling great in the hand. Fine, neat stitching and a thin profile also are most welcome.

Second, you get a TPU inner that both holds the Note 9 very securely within the wallet, and delivers dual-layer protection.

And, thirdly, you get a full range of case features, including a strong magnetic clasp, kickstand function for watching media, and suite of card and cash slots as well.

At just £14,95, too, this case is very well priced.

View Samsung Galaxy Note  9 Genuine Leather Low Profile Wallet Case

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases Official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Silicone Cover

6. Official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Silicone Cover Case

A simple, slimline design from Samsung itself

Reasons to buy
+Excellent port and camera cutouts+Qi wireless charging compatible

Samsung has a pretty strong history in making cases for its own phones, and it continues that in its Galaxy Note 9 line-up. One of the nicest is the Silicone Cover Case (in white, for us here at T3), which keeps things simple and stylish.

Thin and light, as well as Qi wireless charging compatible, this official case does everything you would want from a case and does so at an attractive price point, too (£22.99).

It's not laden with advanced features, such as kickstands and card slots, but if it is style and solid protection you need then the Silicone Cover Case should be high up on your list.

View Official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Silicone Cover Case

Best Galaxy Note 9 case Krussell Sunne 2 Foliowallet

7. Krussell Sunne 2 Foliowallet Galaxy Note 9 case

An elegant, genuine leather folio case

Reasons to buy
+In-built credit card slot and notes pocket+Soft, genuine vintage leather finish.

If you're looking for a more traditional, wallet-style, folio design then this lovely little number from Krussel should appeal. The Sunne 2 Foliowallet for Galaxy Note 9 is constructed from genuine vintage leather, and is available in four attractive colourways, including Black, Cognac, Red and Nude.

Feature-packed it is also, with an in-built stand function, which is ideal for watching media content, and slots for 4 credit cards. The case also has note-carrying capabilities, too. A mid-range price point of €39.90 is also fitting.

View Krussell Sunne 2 Foliowallet Galaxy Note 9 case

Best Samsung Note 9 cases Tech 21 Evo Wallet

8. Tech21 Evo Wallet Galaxy Note 9 case

A Note 9 case that delivers 360 degree protection

Reasons to buy
+Scientifically proven 12ft drop protection+Internal credit card slots built in

Another quality wallet case, but this time sporting a more modern finish, the Tech21 Evo Wallet for the Galaxy Note 9 delivers well across the board.

12ft (3.6 metres) drop protection is partnered with the maker's FlexShock material build, which is a high-performing impact material designed to prevent damage on drops and knocks.

A pair of internal card slots add some carrying capacity, too, while the 90-gram case is also built to work perfectly with wireless charging pads.

View Tech21 Evo Wallet Galaxy Note 9 case

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case Caseology Parallax

9. Caseology Parallax Galaxy Note 9 case

A lightweight, futuristic design with top gripability

Reasons to buy
+Award winning honeycomb finish+Responsive button covers with crisp feedback

Caseology can be relied on to push the envelope in terms of case designs and, as you would expect, it has delivered once more here with its Parallax Note 9 case.

Indeed, the Parallax actually features an award winning honeycomb patterned finish, with its 3D geometric effect making the case standout both in the hand and when the phone is placed screen down.

It's not all aesthetics either, with the Parallax boasting a polycarbonate shell, raised bezel, and responsive button covers with crisp feedback. At $14.99 is is excellent value for money.

View Caseology Parallax Galaxy Note 9 case

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases Snakehive Vintage Plum Leather Wallet

10. Snakehive Vintage Plum Leather Wallet Galaxy Note 9 case

A Note 9 case that feels as good as it looks

Reasons to buy
+Crafted from soft European Nubuck leather+Discreet magnetic clasp

Snakehive are one of our favourite case makers here at and its Vintage Plum Leather Wallet Galaxy Note 9 case is some of its best work to date.

Crafted from carefully selected full grain cowhide nubuck leather from Europe, which is wrapped around the internal coated phone holder, the Vintage delivers style and functionality in equal measure.

Three credit card slots and a larger compartment for notes can be found on the inside, while the case's front cover is secured with a discreet magnetic clasp. What's most remarkable though is that genuine leather is delivered for only £24.95.

View Snakehive Vintage Plum Leather Wallet Galaxy Note 9 case

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases Ringke Onyx

11. Ringke Onyx Galaxy Note 9 case

Looks to die for, and some neat features, too

Reasons to buy
+Precision cut design with anti-slip finish+Raised bezel protects screen and camera

Not many phone users know about Ringke, but they really should as the maker has been putting out some top quality cases for a few years now.

The Ringke Onyx Galaxy Note 9 case is a great example of this, delivering a premium brushed metal look, precise port and camera cutouts, a raised bezel for screen protection, and a highly grippable anti-slip finish.

It's urban modern design won't be everyone's cup of tea, however, we love its tidy lines and industrial looks, communicating the phone's sense of power and productivity focus. 

At £14.99, it is at the more affordable end of the Note 9 case spectrum, too.

View Ringke Onyx Galaxy Note 9 case

Best Galaxy Note 9 case

12. Krussell Sandby Cover Galaxy Note 9 case

A Note 9 case with understated polished sandstone finish

Reasons to buy
+Lightweight build+Unique sandstone texture

Another hot new entry into our best Note 9 cases guide by Krussell, the Sandby Cover delivers something pretty darn unique - a polished sandstone texture finish.

The sandstone design is inspired by the Swedish coastline and nearby rocky islands, communicating a freshness and ruggedness in the hand. It also contrasts markedly compared to the vast majority of other Note 9 cases on the market right now, which tend to lean toward matte or shiny backplates.

On top of the unique aesthetic, the Sandby Cover case also delivers precise cutouts for all ports, and comes in four unique colourways, including Stone (pictured, T3's favourite), Rust, Moss, and Grey.

View Krussel Sandby Cover Galaxy Note 9 case

Tech 21 Evo Check Note 9 Case

13. Tech 21 Evo Check Galaxy Note 9 Case

An attractive check pattern backplate and light build

Reasons to buy
+10ft drop protection with FlexShock™+Three-layer build

Tech 21 makes our elite list of the best Galaxy Note 9 cases again with its Evo Check, a transparent bumper case with tasteful and unique check patterned backplate.

You get scientifically proven 3-metre (10ft) drop protection, which is good, as well as some excellent port cutouts, a three-layer build with FlexShock™, a thin pocket friendly 11mm depth, and an always appreciated limited lifetime warranty, too.

Three colours are available, the pictured Smokey Black as well as Orchid and Ultra Violet, however it is the rock solid, classic design that tickles our fancy most, letting the Note 9's stunning build and design really shine through while keeping it safe and sound.

View Tech 21 Evo Check Galaxy Note 9 Case

Whitestone Dome Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case best note 9 case

14. Whitestone Dome Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case

An attractive clear case built to work in partnership with a glass screen protector

Reasons to buy
+Dual polycarbonate and TPU build+Form fitted to work seamlessly with Dome Glass

A new maker enters our best Note 9 cases guide with a case built specifically to work with a partnering glass screen cover. 

The Whitestone Dome Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case is built from polycarbonate and TPU and has been form fitted to work with the maker's Dome Glass add-on. This all-glass screen cover is not included in the price of the standard case, but once purchased separately allows 360-degree Note 9 protection.

A transparent design works well here, too, allowing the Note 9's lithe lines to breathe, while a light weight and slim profile don't add much in terms of bulk either. Raised bezels, neat port access, and a mid-range price point complete the package.

View Whitestone Dome Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case