Best camping mat 2021: snooze soundly with these inflatable and foam sleeping mats

We select the best camping mats for every occasion, from self inflating mats to cheap and cheerful roll mats

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A man and a woman zipped into their individual Kelty Galactic Air Inflatable Sleeping Pads
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The best camping mat depends on what your priorities are. There are a huge number of camping mats on the market, ranging from downright enormous inflatable mattresses, down to featherlight creations that look barely capable of supporting a human weight. The key things to look for when choosing a camping mat are type, R value, and weight and bulk when packed. 

Broadly, there are two camps of camping mats – the inflatable or self inflating, and the closed cell foam type of mat (and if you're looking for something more substantial than that, you should head to our guide to the best camping beds). Both have their pros and cons, but typically we'd say the best camping mat for multi-day trips is an inflatable one. In the next section you'll find a more thorough breakdown of the different types of mat.  

The R value you tells you how warm the mat will be to sleep in. The main use for a camping mat is to keep you insulated from the ground – which even in summer is pretty chilly and can conduct heat away from your body. The higher the R-value, more insulating it’ll be. Broadly, an R value below 2.0 is for summer use, 2.0 to 4.0 will suit 3-season use, and if you're heading out in winter, look for 4.0 or above.

How heavy and bulky your mat is when packed is a key factor if you're planning on carrying the mat around. You'll want something you can either fit in your backpack, or can be strapped to the front. (To that end, if you're backpacking, you might want to invest in one of the best lightweight sleeping bags to go with your mat.) Read on for a closer look at the two main mat types, followed by our pick of the best camping mats to buy now.

It's also well worth perusing the best Black Friday deals if you're in search of some warmth this winter as there are some scorching hot price drops that could be too tempting to say no to. For a quick and easy way to find the best deal, our live prices below are always tracking the lowest prices across the web, so keep a watch on those and you could pick yourself up a high-quality mat for one very low price.

Best sleeping mat: foam vs inflatable 

Inflatable or self-inflating mats are the best camping mat choice if you're off on a multi-day trip, as they're typically much more comfortable when inflated, and pack down smaller when not in use – you'll be able to pop them inside your hiking backpack rather than strapping them to the outside. There is, however, always a slight risk of puncture (choosing a pricier model is always a good idea here).

Choosing an inflatable camping mats can be a complex task, as the various materials and construction make a huge difference to the insulation they dish out – yes, even from two mats that look very similar. As usual, the cheaper the mat the less insulation you’ll probably get, and be sure to check the R-value. 

Simple foam camping mats shouldn't be dismissed entirely though. They're both cheaper and more robust but less comfortable than their inflated brethren. In fact, they're pretty much indestructible, so ideal for festival use or trekking in particularly rugged terrain that would slice an inflatable to shreds. While bulky, they're very lightweight, and totally unbothered by getting wet, too. There's also the issue of them just not being very comfortable, too. 

Best camping mats 2021 to buy now

Thermarest NeoAir XLite

(Image credit: Thermarest)

The best camping mat for all-round comfort and portability

Type: Inflatable
Weight: 12.5oz / 36g (regular size)
Size (in use): 183 x 51 x 6.4cm / 72 x 20 x 2.5" (regular - other sizes available)
Size (packed): 23 x 10cm / 9 x 4.1"
R value: 4.2
Reasons to buy
+Feather light weight+Packs to size of water bottle+Range of sizes
Reasons to avoid
-Does rustle and creak-Pale surface can look dirty fast

For all-round performance in all seasons, the best camping mat is the Thermarest NeoAir XLite camping pad. It's extremely lightweight, packs down tiny, and is very well-made. The sleep surface is firm yet supportive sleep surface, and will keep you safely elevated from bumpy ground, even if you like to sleep on your side. We found this mat provides excellent insulation even in cold weather, but if you tend to get very cold, consider the warmer, heavier Thermarest NeoAir XThem further down the list. The XLite comes in a range of sizes available to suit taller, shorter, and wider campers. The price means this one is for dedicated wild campers and multi-day hikers – casual campers will be able to get away with something simpler and cheaper. Head to our Thermarest NeoAir XLite camping pad review for more info.

Trekology UL80

(Image credit: Trekology )

The best budget camping mat

Type: Inflatable
Weight: 750g / 26.45oz
Size (in use): 75 x 22.4 x 3.5" / 190 x 57 x 8cm
Size (packed): 7.3' x 4.7'' / 18.5 x 12cm
R value: 1.6
Reasons to buy
+Nice and thick, but packs up small+Longer length+Shaped to stop you rolling off
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most insulated-On the heavy side

Next up in our best camping mat ranking is the Trekology UL80. This sleeping pad is super thick and cushioning when inflated, but packs up extremely compact to be slung into a packpack during the day. As well as being thick enough to provide a comfy sleep surface and keep you well away from the bumpy, cold ground, the surface is slightly curved up at the edges to keep you positioned towards the centre and reduce the chance of you rolling off in the night. It's also slightly longer than standard, making it a good choice for taller campers.

The Trekology UL80 made from 40D nylon with a water-resistant coating, and while it worked perfectly well in our tests, to the touch it does feel like there might be more robust fabrics if you're willing to spend more. There's a one way valve that makes it simple to blow up manually – it's not the fastest to inflate this way, but still very manageable. Alternatively you can deploy a pump sacks or standard electronic pump to do the job a bit quicker. It deflates quickly and packs up easily into the provided carry bag. 

It's not the most insulating in our list, but the 1.6R rating will do the job for warmer weather excursions (Trekology says it's suitable for 35.6F or 2C and above). If you're looking for a compact yet cushioning mat that won't break the bank, this is our top pick. Head to our Trekology UL80 sleeping pad review for more info.

Nemo Tensor

(Image credit: Nemo Tensor)

3. Nemo Tensor camping mat

The best camping mat for all-seasons hiking

Type: Inflatable
Weight: 1lb1oz / 490g
Size (in use): 72 x 20 x 3" / 183 x 51 x 8cm
Size (packed): 8.0 x 3.0" dia / 20 x 7.5cm dia
R value: 3.5
Reasons to buy
+Good insulation+Epic comfort+Small packsize
Reasons to avoid
-Mummy shape may be too small for bigger campers (pick the wide instead)

The Nemo Tensor in ‘regular mummy’ size packs a vast list of technology into a tiny and lightweight packsize, delivering a robust R-value of 3.5 but only weighing you down with 410g (minimum) or 490g (packed). The reason for that 80g difference is the generous inclusion of a repair kit, strap, stuff sack and Vortex pump, some of which could be left at home for the gram-conscious. That R-value is plenty enough for UK winter camping, making this an excellent all-year round mat without a significant weight penalty to drag around all summer. 

The R-value is achieved in part by layers of metalised film to reflect heat, as well as a downright luxurious three-inch loft, truly impressive in a mat that packs down to 20x7.5cm. Nemo claims the suspended film reduces noise from the pad when the sleeper moves in the night, which is certainly an issue with other brands. That Vortex pump plays a role here too, as it means the mat can be inflated without blowing directly into it, which adds heat-conductive moisture exactly where you want it least. 

Overall, the Tensor is one of the lightest and most packable mats on the market, and with a range of sizes to suit all requirements, you’ll be seeing plenty of these on campsites and crags through summer and beyond.

Alpkit Cloud Base camping mat

(Image credit: Alpkit)

Another excellent cheaper mat

Type: Inflatable
Weight: 420g
Size (in use): 189 x 56 x 5cm
Size (packed): 8 x 28cm
R value: Not stated
Reasons to buy
+Impressively packable and compact+Easy to inflate and pack away+Great value
Reasons to avoid
-Not insulated-Water can get trapped inside if not carefully dried

Next up in our ranking of the best camping mats is the Alpkit Cloud Base camping mat. Don't be fooled by that impressively grooved design, this mat packs down just as small and light as the best lightweight mats around. It's much cheaper than others on this list, but punches well above its price tag in terms of performance and comfort. It's not insulated, so for cold-weather adventures you'll want something different, but for everything else it's a great choice. Head to our Alpkit Cloud Base camping mat review for more info.

Exped SynMat UL camping mat

(Image credit: Exped)

You'll struggle to find a sleeping mat that packs up smaller

Type: Inflatable
Weight: 450g
Size (in use): 183 x 52 x 7cm
Size (packed): 24 x 10cm
R rating: 2.3
Reasons to buy
+Packs up tiny+Thick and comfy to sleep on+Quiet sleep surface
Reasons to avoid
-Fiddly to get into the bag

The compact and lightweight Exped SynMat UL (ultralight) mat is popular for a reason: it stuffs down small, is very lightweight and impressively comfortable. Packing down to around the size of a one-litre water bottle, we haven't come across many mats more compact than this one. Despite the small packed size, it's a chunky 7cm thick when inflated, which will be comfy even for side sleepers. It's also quiet to kip on – no crinkly fabric here. The 3.3 R rating will keep you warm for three season use. On the down side, in our Exped SynMat UL review we noted it was a little fiddly to pack up and although our reviewer's mat performed well in tests, we found the fabric didn't feel quite as robust as other mats we've tried (a small repair kit does come included). Note also that there are several versions of this mat, so do double check size and R rating to make sure you're buying the one that matches your needs.

Kelty Galactic Air Inflatable Sleeping Pad

(Image credit: Kelty)

6. Kelty Galactic Air Inflatable Sleeping Pad

The best camping mat for traditional camping holidays

Type: air
Size (in use): 186 x 60 x 9cm
Size (packed): 28 x 10 x 10cm
Weight: 1.1kg
R value: not stated
Reasons to buy
+Comfy fabric-style topper+Compact in storage+Delightfully cushiony
Reasons to avoid
-Heavy-Takes a bit of lung power to inflate

Comfort is top of the checklist when it comes to Kelty's Galactic Air – this air mat inflates to a very generous 3.5 inches in height and lifts the sleepy camper high off the cold ground for a great night's sleep. Alternating inflated panels cushion both side and back sleepers, and there's also a 'rail' of air around the outside designed to keep you snugly in place – great for restless sleepers. We love the brushed fabric topper, which is far more comfortable than the surface of other plastic-y air mats and helps keep your sleeping bag in place – top marks all around for a comfy kip. The Cosmic Air is both affordable and of decent quality, but it is heavy at over one kilo, so despite its compact size we wouldn't recommend it for lightweight camping setups – it's better for car camping, festivals and family trips away. 

Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite SOL Mattress

(Image credit: Press)

7. ThermaRest Z-Lite SOL Mattress

The best camping mat for mountaineering

Type: Folding
Size (in use): 51 x 183 x 2cm
Size (packed): 51 x 13 x 14cm / 20 x 5 x 5.5"
Weight: 14oz / 410g
R value: 2.0
Reasons to buy
+Super-small pack size+Surprisingly comfortable
Reasons to avoid
-Not as cushioning as an air mat-Only warm enough for spring-autumn use

No camping mat list would be complete without the game-changing Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite. The egg-box style dimpled foam not only gives you the maximum comfort, but also folds down smaller than you’d believe. It is also totally and utterly indestructible, short of dedicated chopping up or incineration, thus ideal for rough-and-ready mountaineering. Sure it packs down to something about the size of a house brick (and weighs a reasonable 410g), and might not be feather-bed comfy, but it is keenly priced and deservedly popular. Double it up with a more expensive self inflating camping mat for the ultimate outdoors snooze.

Kelty Cosmic Mummy Sleeping Pad

(Image credit: Kelty Cosmic)

8. Kelty Cosmic Mummy Sleeping Pad

A budget-friendly all-seasons hiking pad

Type: Self-inflating
Weight: 560g
Size (in use): 78 x 23.5" / 198 x 60 cm
Size (packed): 12" x 8" / 30.5 x 20.5 cm
R value: 3.9
Reasons to buy
+Winter warmer+Self inflating+Solid build
Reasons to avoid
-Heavier than some

The Kelty Cosmic delivers a fair bang for buck, especially given the sub-£60 RRP, which is nearly half some of the other mats here. The high points are a pretty storming R-value of 4, seeing you right in pretty much any seasonal camping scenario, and robust build quality – the brass valve and 20D Nylon ripstop both bearing this out. 

Another little trick (somewhat of an old-school one) is that the Kelty Cosmic is self-inflating – simply unroll, unscrew the valve and get on with your evening. A few minutes later the foam will decompress, and the mat will only need a couple of breaths to be snooze-ready. Unfortunately this style of pad tends to weigh a little more than the ultralight inflatable options here, weighing in at 560g – no heavyweight, but still a considerable difference. 

As an all-season mat at a very sensible price, it’s hard to fault the Kelty Cosmic, especially for DoE-type expeditions where high-end equipment isn’t appropriate, or causal campers who’d like plenty of insulation even in warmer weather. 

Thermarest NeoAir XTherm Inflatable Camping Mat

(Image credit: Press)

9. Thermarest NeoAir XTherm Inflatable Camping Mat

The best camping mat for winter warmth without bulk

Type: Inflatable
Weight: 430g
Size (in use): 51x183cm (regular)
Size (packed): 12 x 8" / 30.5 x 20.5cm
R value: 3.9
Reasons to buy
+Featherlite weight+Great for winter warmth
Reasons to avoid
-Rustles when slept on-Only worth the spend for the toughest campers

The Therm-a-rest NeoAir XTherm offers premium insulation at a premium price, knocking out an epic R-rating of 5.7 and weighing in at a featherlite 430g. This makes it the best camping mat for winter or higher altitude walking adventures, where weight and warmth are big factors. You’ll need to blow it up to reach its full 2.5inch depth, which will take quite a few puffs, and being inflatable it is at risk of puncture if treated badly (a repair kit is included). As with the other NeoAir mats, the material does rustle when slept on, so a tolerant tent mate is a must, or at least get them to pack some quality earplugs. 

Yellowstone Insulated Foam Mat

(Image credit: Press)

10. Yellowstone Insulated Camping Roll Mat

The best camping mat for festivals and adventuring on a budget

Type: Foam
Weight: 159g
Size (in use): 180x50cm (6mm thick)
Size (packed): Not stated
R value: Not stated
Reasons to buy
+Super-cheap+Pretty durable
Reasons to avoid
-Bulky to carry-Not that comfortable

Although any of these camping mats will do a fine job in any outdoors sleep scenario, sometimes you want the cheapest possible tool for the job. That's especially the case when it comes to festival camping gear. You also don’t want anything complicated in that type of situation, which is where the fuss-free Yellowstone Insulated Foam Mat absolutely smashes it. Under a tenner and idiot proof (unroll, lie down), this camping roll mat is not only extremely wallet-friendly, but also handy for any other casual camping occasion. 

Indeed, paired with a more expensive inflating camping mat and this will make a decent temporary bed for very little cash. Just remember to use it foil side up for maximum insulation and protection from the ground.

The Planet Hikers Air Mattress Pro

(Image credit: The Planet Hikers)

11. The Planet Hikers Air Mattress Pro

The best double camping mat

Type: air
Size (in use): 500g
Size (packed): not stated
Weight: not stated
R value: 4.2
Reasons to buy
+Integrated pillow+Luxuriously large+Doubles up as a bed for guests
Reasons to avoid
-Despite a high R number, we're not sure this mat is winter-ready

Want to get cosy next to your favourite camper? A double camping mat is a great way to sleep comfortably together, especially if you've already invested in a two-person sleeping bag. A wider mat is also highly luxurious for just one person, and makes a good choice for sleeping in larger family-style tents with big bedrooms. Diamond air pockets make Planet Hiker's double Air Mattress Pro a pleasure to lie on in nigh-on any position, but the highlight of this mat is the built-in pillow – no more losing your pillow in the night. The site states a weight of 500g, but it's not clear if that's for the single or the double. But either way, it looks to be lightweight and packs down nice and small, making it a useful thing to have in your cupboard if guests come over for the night, too. Our only question mark is over Planet Hiker's estimation of the R number of their design as a hefty 4.2 – this mat doesn't feel warm enough to us to work in winter, so save it for summer adventures. 

Klymit Inertia Ozone Camping Mat

(Image credit: Klymit)

12. Klymit Inertia Ozone Camping Mat

The best minimalist camping mat

Type: air
Size (in use): 183 x 55 x 4cm
Size (packed): 15 x 9cm
Weight: 369g
R value: not stated
Reasons to buy
+Integrated pillow+Light weight and compact size+Great comfort
Reasons to avoid
-Too narrow to suit big or tall campers

You might not even recognise Klymit's innovative cut-out mat as a sleeping pad at first glance, but this barely-there mat delivers impressive comfort without the bulk. This design's inflated panels cleverly cushion your head, torso, hips and knees – everywhere your bodyweight would naturally lie. We found the Inertia surprisingly comfortable on test, even for side sleepers, but reckon it's best suited to slim or petite campers, as it's on the narrow side. The built-in pillow is a big plus, too. A small pack size and weight of just 369g make this compact mat ideal for wild camping, multi-day hiking and other adventures where weight and space are at a premium. The lack of large air pockets also make the Inertia pleasingly quick to inflate. While this mat isn't warm enough to deal with the coldest winter conditions, it should do you proud for three-season use.