Soak&Sleep Supremely Soft As Down pillow review: affordable yet luxurious

We review the Supremely Soft As Down pillow and ask: is it really as soft as a genuine goosefeather pillow?

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Soft as Down pillow
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Soak&Sleep's Supremely Soft As Down pillow really does live up to its promise: it's as soft as down while being much less expensive. If you're looking for a luxurious, down-like experience, this affordable pillow from Soak & Sleep offers excellent value.

Reasons to buy
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    Soft and fluffy

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    Luxurious feel

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    Affordable price

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    Cruelty free

Reasons to avoid
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    No good if you prefer a firm pillow

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Traditionally, if you were looking for the best pillows, down-filled pillows were pretty much the only game in town, and other pillow types were only considered a pale imitation. In recent years, though. all that’s changed.

Made from a goose or duck’s finest feathers, which are found underneath both birds' tougher, exterior feathers, a down filling gives a light and bouncy feel to your pillows. However, it is pretty expensive. Down also has certain disadvantages as a pillow filling, such as trapping heat, making it unsuitable for people who tend run hot in the night. Plus many people would prefer a material that didn’t involve the exploitation of animals. 

Hence the rise of down-like pillows that actually contain alternative fillings, most commonly made from microfibre, which is a refined type of polyester. Such pillows look and feel luxurious, but they're often surprisingly affordable. And so if you’re looking for a light, fluffy and soft place to rest your head, they’re well worth investigating.

Soak & Sleep’s Soft As Down Microfibre pillow fits right into this category, and we were given one to try for ourselves. Read on to find out how we got on, and whether we think it’s worth buying. 

Soak&Sleep Soft As Down pillow review: materials and design 

While it’s intended to feel like goose down, this pillow is actually filled with light and silky blown microfibre. Specifically, Soak&Sleep blends two types of microfibre, carded to create a soft and lofty pillow, and wrapped in a 100% cotton case with a 233 thread count. It’s very well put together, with machine stitching we could find no flaws in whatsoever.

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The pillow we tested was rated soft/medium, making it a good choice for stomach sleepers. Alternatively if you’re a side sleeper or back sleeper, you’d be better going for the deeper medium/firm option.

Our review pillow was 50 x 75cm in size, with a resting depth of 17.5cm and a sleeping depth of 6cm. There are five sizes in total to choose from: Junior (40cm x 60cm), Standard (50cm x 75cm), Superking (50cm x 90cm), Square (65cm x 65cm) and Euro Small (50cm x 60cm). All of them are designed in the UK and made in China.

Soak&Sleep Soft As Down pillow review: comfort

We’ve had many comfortable nights of sleep with this pillow, which really lives up to its ‘supremely soft’ promise. It has a luxury feel that belies its very reasonable price, and wouldn’t seem out of place on a bed in a high-class hotel. 

Closeup of Soak & Sleep Soft as Down pillow

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The filling is light, fluffy and squidgy in all the best ways. While soft pillows often lose their shape over time, this one has continued to spring back to shape every morning.

Soak&Sleep Soft As Down pillow review: maintenance and cleaning 

The Soft As Down pillow doesn’t come with a case, so you’ll need to buy one of those separately. Washing that case regularly is the best way to keep your pillow clean and fresh. Beyond that, Soak & Sleep recommends washing the pillow itself at 40°C every six to 12 months, and tumble-drying it until completely dry. (For more general advice, read our article on How to clean a pillow).

 Soak&Sleep Soft As Down pillow review: verdict 

We’ll be honest: we were quite staggered by the comfort and luxury on offer here, given the relatively low price. Expertly made, with quality materials, this pillow from Soak & Sleep really does offer excellent value. We’d happily recommend it to anyone who likes a light, soft pillow, is a front sleeper, or is shopping for a summer pillow.

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