Pawfit 2 GPS Dog Tracker review

Make sure you always know where your canine friend is with this well-rounded GPS tracker

Pawfit 2 GPS Dog Tracker review
(Image credit: PawFit)
T3 Verdict

The Pawfit 2 is a great all-rounder, providing peace of mind with the GPS tracking capabilities, as well as the ability to keep an eye on your pet’s activity levels. Although it requires a subscription to use the service, it’s not too expensive and is worth it if you’ve got a flighty dog - you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Data presented in a variety of ways

  • +

    Waterproof up to 3 metres

  • +

    Pet safety features

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Requires subscription

  • -

    Battery requires regular charging

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If you’ve ever lost your dog - even for a split-second - you’ll know the panic it can induce. 

Dogs can easily get distracted by another animal, a tasty smell or intriguing sound. Meanwhile, it’s easy for us to also stop paying attention for just enough time for the sneaky tykes to wander off. 

That’s where GPS trackers can be a godsend, as they can make sure you can always pinpoint your canine friend’s exact location. As an added bonus, you can also use them to help monitor your pet’s fitness and general activity levels. 

Although there are lots out there on the market, to meet a variety of needs and budgets, a great all-round device is the Pawfit 2. 

It’s mid-range in price, but it’s important to note you will also have to pay a subscription for the inbuilt SIM card which is used to keep a track of your dog’s location - but for ultimate peace of mind, it could just be worth every penny.

Pawfit 2 GPS Dog Tracker review

(Image credit: PawFit)

Pawfit 2 GPS Tracker review: Features

The Pawfit 2 GPS Tracker clips neatly and quickly into your pet’s collar, which is handy considering you’ll need to charge it regularly to ensure the battery is topped up. 

It works by combining GPS< Wi-Fi and cellular technology so that you can always pinpoint exactly where your pooch is. As well as giving you real-time information as to exactly where your pet is, it can also present information in a variety of ways via the Pawfit app. You can therefore see how many steps your dog has taken, distance covered and even calories burned. 

If you’ve got a dog that could do with shedding a couple of pounds, you can even set it targets based on recommendations provided using your pet’s breed and weight.  

Most dogs like to explore their surroundings well, and aren’t afraid to get their fur a little damp. The Pawfit 2 is completely waterproof (up to 3 metres), and is also rustproof and bite-proof. 

Safety features include the ability to set up a “safety zone” so you’ll get an alert should the pet cross it, a recordable voice feature which means that should anybody find your dog they can listen to information to reunite them with you, and an alert which will tell you if the collar has been removed or the temperature has reached an abnormal level.

Battery life is stated as up to 6 days, but that can depend on use and signal. To recharge the battery fully takes just 2.5 hours, so you can give it relatively quick bursts of charge if you need to.

In order to use the service, you’ll need to take out a monthly subscription. Prices are relatively cheap, starting at £3.59 a month if you take out a 2-year subscription.

Pawfit 2 GPS Tracker review: User Reviews

Most owners of the Pawfit 2 rate it very highly for a number of reasons. 

Many praise the easy set up of the device, meaning they can get started with it pretty quickly. There’s a lot of praise for the USB dock which is provided in the box for charging the device. 

Lots are big fans of the Pawfit 2’s sturdy construction, especially those with dogs who have a penchant for getting wet and muddy or for going on walks in the rain. Lots of people also like how small and easy to attach the device is.

Although the subscription price is noted, at around £1 per week, most people consider it to be good value for money for having the peace of mind of keeping track of their dog. 

The safety features of the Pawfit 2 are a big hit with most people, with an unexpected bonus being the sound features which can be used to train the dog to come back when it hears them.

Battery life is mentioned by several people. Some point out that if you turn off the tracker when you’re back at home, then you’ll get a much longer battery life than the stated 5 days. However, if you’re using the Pawfit 2 as an activity monitor, you’ll probably be charging it far more often. Those who go on long, regular walks report it lasting closer to 2 days - so it’s really about how and how much you use the device, as you’d expect.

Pawfit 2 GPS Dog Tracker review

(Image credit: PawFit)

Should you buy the Pawfit 2 GPS Tracker?

There are lots of pet GPS trackers on the market, but the Pawfit 2 hits that sweet spot of being reliable, with a good range of features and not being extortionately expensive. 

Although there is a subscription fee to pay, it’s also not too highly-priced and for the range of features you get with the device, can also be considered good value for money. 

If you’ve got a fairly obedient dog who doesn’t tend to wander off too much, it’s perhaps a bit overkill, but if you’ve got one which has a greater tendency for wandering, the peace of mind it provides is pretty much priceless.

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