Maglite MAG-TAC Rechargeable LED Torch review: tactical brilliance

Gear up for any situation with Maglite’s compact MAG-TAC rechargeable torch

Maglite MAG-TAC Rechargeable LED Torch review
(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)
T3 Verdict

The Maglite MAG-TAC Rechargeable LED Torch is a compact, durable torch tailored for tactical use. With a rugged construction and impressive 671 lumens output, it's designed for security professionals but offers versatility for camping and emergencies. While lacking dimmable light options, its fast charging and reliable performance make it a compelling choice.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Ultra-durable construction

  • +

    Knurled grip

  • +

    Fast charging

  • +

    Bright, reliable light output

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    A few more dimming options would be nice

  • -

    No red light option

  • -

    Best suited for tactical operations

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Maglite is a household name in torches, especially in the US, where the company is located. The company’s products are famous for their durable build quality and reliability, which is why you’ll see Maglites gracing the belts of soldiers and security guards.

The Maglite MAG-TAC is more compact than the baton-like ML150LR, which makes this handy hand torch portable and generally less faff to store. It comes with a bunch of accessories and has a few lighting modes, enabling you to use it in a variety of situations.

Is it good enough to be featured in T3’s best torch guide? There is only one way to find out…

Maglite MAG-TAC Rechargeable LED Torch review

Price and availability

The Maglite MAG-TAC Rechargeable LED Torch is available to buy now at Torch Direct (UK) for a recommended retail price of £209.94 (approx. $267.69/ AU$ 407.79). It was sold for £159.90 at the time of writing.

In the US, you can buy the torch directly from Maglite for $93.50. For the best prices, check out the price widget at the top or bottom of this review.

In the box, you'll find the MAG-TAC LED rechargeable torch, Maglite 3.2 V LiFeP04 rechargeable battery (fitted and isolated), Removable pocket clip, Charging base, USB charging cable, USB car charger adaptor, Mains USB adaptor, Battery removal tool, Pocket clip removal tool and the manual.


Maglite MAG-TAC Rechargeable LED Torch review

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)
  • Beam Distance: 185 m
  • Lumens: 671
  • Beam Intensity: 8545 cd 
  • Run Time: High 1 h/ Low 18 h
  • Water Resistant: IPX4
  • Drop Resistance: 1m
  • Weight with batteries: 156 g
  • Rechargeable: yes

Design and features

The Maglite MAG-TAC is a rechargeable LED torch with a compact body. It’s 147 mm long and has a head and barrel diameter of 26 mm. It weighs only 156g (5.5 oz) with the batteries.

In the box, you’ll find a pocket clip that lets you wear the MAG-TAC on your belt or bag. Pros can even set it up as a shoulder torch by popping it on the shoulder strap of a backpack.

Despite the lightness, the MAG-TAC has a rugged, IPX4-rated construction, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. The knurled grip helps keep the torch ready. It’s also drop-proof to 1 metre, so it should be able to withstand some knocks here and there.

The recessed switch is on the non-light end of the torch. This switch allows you to access four lighting modes: momentary mode (high-lumen output), latched mode (high-lumen output), eco mode (low-lumen output), and strobe.

In momentary mode, the button must be depressed for the light to stay on. This now lets you live out your best security guard dreams – you have to hold the torch at shoulder height, like in the movies – but it also means it’s harder for the MAG-TAC to accidentally turn on in your bag, as it’s less likely the button gets pressed twice quickly.


[Please note: I took my camera out to take some photos of the light, then realised the battery was dead, so I used my iPhone instead for the above shots. Sadly, iPhones over-compensate, and everything appears lighter than it really is. I'll update this review soon with proper photos.]

The Maglite MAG-TAC has a maximum light output of 671 lumens and a beam distance of 185 metres – impressive stats for such a compact torch.

As mentioned above, single-pressing and holding the button will enable momentary mode, which is more useful in security detail scenarios than camping. Double-pressing the button activates latch mode, which has the same (maximum) light output but doesn’t require you to press the button for the light to stay on.

The torch has a solid, focused light that goes well into the distance. It’s always focused and shines beautifully bright. In this mode, the MAG-TEC has a maximum battery life (burm time) of 1 hour.

Switch to Eco mode, and the battery life goes all the way up to 18 hours. As expected, light output in this mode is much dimmer and has a more moderate use.

Triple-pressing the button (which activates Eco mode) is a bit tricky, especially in thick cold-weather gloves, and often results in the MAG-TAC landing on either latched or strobe modes (the latter of which is for emergency situations).

Although the one-hour burn time isn’t mindblowing, the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery has a 2.5-hour fast-charge capability, which allows you to charge the MAG-TAC quickly. Better still, the box includes a charging base and a car charger, meaning you’ll be able to charge the torch fast wherever you are.


Maglite MAG-TAC Rechargeable LED Torch review

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

The National Tactical Officers Association-approved Maglite MAG-TEC is a superb, rugged torch best suited for security professionals. Its rugged housing and features are tailored for those who serve and protect us.

This doesn’t mean others won’t find it useful, though. Thanks to the charging base, quick charging times, and reliable performance of the MAG-TEC, it can used for camping, DIY and as a backup torch for emergencies.

The price might deter some potential customers, but considering the primary target market, it’s understandable the MAG-TAC costs this much. Luckily, this handy compact torch can be bought for much less than RRP/MSRP on both sides of the pond these days, making it an appealing proposition for those needing a reliable lighting option for their nightly excursions.

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