Hug Sleep Pod Move review: comforting, but is it necessary?

The Hug Sleep Pod Move delivers on what it sets out to do, but does it do enough to convince us to make the investment?

Hug Sleep Pod Move review
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T3 Verdict

The Hug Sleep Pod Move is a hug in a blanket. It wraps you in a cocoon and has just enough compression to help reduce anxiety as well as offer a calming experience. However, it’s too thin to keep you warm in the winter time, too much of a hassle to put on, and limits your movements. And we’re not entirely convinced it’s a great investment for everyone, especially at the price.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great compression

  • +

    Stretchy & lightweight material

  • +

    Feet opening allows some mobility

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Too thin for winter use

  • -

    Putting it on is a hassle, especially when you have layers

  • -

    Doesn’t do enough for the price

  • -

    The top opening could be a little looser

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I really thought I was going to like the Hug Sleep Pod Move. After all, I love my mummy sleeping bag cocoon, and I have recently discovered the slumbered joys of the best weighted blankets. In fact, I was testing the Gravity weighted blanket alongside it, and that one made me realize that my body in fact appreciates the gentle pressure it offers when I’m in bed.

Therefore, I had high hopes for the Hug Sleep Pod Move. It has the added perk of a foot opening, so that way, if you don’t like your feet feeling constricted, you can just pop them out. And, there are things that I love about the product. It gives you the same gentle pressure a weighted blanket offers without the actual weight, and it kind of goes where you go so you don’t have to push it aside to get a snack or make a cup of tea then put it back on when you go back to bed or sink back into the couch.

Sadly, there might be more things I don’t like about it than things I do like. It kind of tapers at the top opening, which compresses my chest area or makes it a little difficult to put over my shoulders when I want to be fully swaddled. It’s also so lightweight that it does nothing to keep you warm. That might be okay in the hotter months, but the rest of the year, it won’t do you any good as you’ll need to layer up or have another blanket. Finally, it’s very hard to put on in the first place. I want to be able to put a blanket on easily, but this one makes you sweat for it, especially if you’re wearing a loose sweatshirt or layers. It’s kind of a process to put on, so much so that I really don’t look forward to it.

When you weigh the good with the bad then factor in the price, which is kind of steep for a blanket, it’s a hard recommendation to make. Keep reading for my full review of the Hug Sleep Pod Move and if you're curious about weighted blankets, check out our what is a weighted blanket & how do they work guide.

Hug Sleep Pod Move review: design

The Hug Sleep Pod Move is light, thin, and super stretchy, made of 89% polyester and 11% spandex. That’s one of the best things about it. It’s travel friendly and it will fit about anywhere so you can use it at home or bring with you during your travels. It’s breathable, too, designed to minimize heat retention, which makes it great for summertime use.

It does have a mummy shape to it, ensuring that there isn’t too much compression around the torso and shoulder area. It is a little looser around the legs, which when combined with the feet opening, makes your legs slightly more moveable so you can walk to the kitchen and back without being forced to hop, penguin walk, or end up flat on your face.

Hug Sleep Pod Move review

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The feet opening is a nice addition to the original Hug Sleep Pod. Speaking from personal experience, there are times when I want my feet uncovered and there are times when I want them swaddled, and this opening gives you the best of both worlds.

Unfortunately, it only comes in one single cover, which is heather, but it does come in four sizes with the small recommended for those size 00 to 6 and the XL recommended for size 24 to 32. Be sure to double-check the size you’re getting (see how heavy should a weighted blanket be for more details) as you don’t want to end up with something that’s too small or too loose for you. It is machine washable so cleaning it is easier than a traditional weighted blanket.

Hug Sleep Pod Move review: comfort

The Hug Sleep Pod Move is a little hard to put on if I'm being honest. The main reason for that is because it’s smaller since it’s supposed to hug you. But, while it has a lot of stretch, putting it on from the feet on is not the easiest as it drags your clothes with it, especially if you’re wearing layers or loose clothing. You can choose not to wear those of course, but the blanket itself is not designed to keep you warm so you’ll need another one if it’s chilly in the room you’re in. But, still, there’s that extra step of putting on an extra blanket. It feels like such a process in fact that it might turn some people off from using it.

Also, because the Hug Sleep Pod Move has a mummy-shaped design, it kind of tapers in around the top opening, which compresses your chest area if you leave it there or makes it hard to put over your shoulders if you want a more swaddle-like experience.

The one thing we can say is that Hug Sleep set out to create a product that delivers that hugging comfort and this one certainly delivers. The fabric is almost laws-of-physics defyingly stretchy, and it feels like a compression sock around your body. It’s a nice and effective alternative to a weighted blanket and is something people who hate being weighed down should consider for sleeping.

Just bear in mind that you’re getting limited mobility here. If you pull it all the way over your shoulders, you’re not going to get a lot of use out of those arms. Luckily, the Move model has a feet opening so you have the option to leave your feet uncovered for walking around, but because of its design, you can only take small steps. Also, slipping your feet in and out of the cover isn’t the easiest either, and when you have your arms trapped inside the blanket, you’ll likely find yourself struggling until you find your rhythm.

Hug Sleep Pod Move review

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Hug Sleep Pod Move review: pricing

The Hug Sleep Pod Move comes with a price tag you normally wouldn’t see on typical blankets. It’ll set you back $129.99 (about £107, AU$195) no matter the size, although the company does hold regular sale events throughout the year so you might get it for cheaper.

If you’re looking for something slightly cheaper, the original Hug Sleep Pod will set you back $109.99 (about £90, AU$165). There’s also the hooded version of the Move, which is slightly more expensive at $149.99 (about £123, AU$225).

Hug Sleep does ship internationally including to the UK and Australia. Just know that it will take a little longer (from 14 to 21 days) for your item to arrive.

Hug Sleep Pod Move review: should I buy it? 

The compression and comforting hug feeling that the Hug Sleep Pod Move offers is nothing like we’ve seen in terms of bedding. It provides that gentle pressure that weighted blankets offer without weighing you down, which to some people is better. The material is also thin and lightweight, making it perfect to use in the summertime and to bring with you on your travels.

However, at $129.99, we’re not actually sure if it does enough to convince us to pay that much for a blanket. It does what it’s supposed to in theory but there are other factors that should have been included in the designing of it. First of all, it’s not a cold weather blanket so it’s not something people would want to use in any other season than summer. It’s almost a hassle to put it on, which makes me not want to use it at all, especially when I’m wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

Finally, using the Hug Sleep Pod Move also limits your mobility. Because of the feet opening, you can let your feet breathe if you want to or tuck them in if need them covered, but walking around in it isn’t the easiest. Plus, if you’re in swaddle mode, your arms and hands are not really free. I don’t know about you, but that kind of makes me uncomfortable when I’m sleeping which beats the purpose of this blanket.

Hug Sleep Pod Move review

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Considering its steep price, there are too many drawbacks to make it worth it for most people. That isn’t to say that the Hug Sleep Pod Move doesn’t have its ideal audience, however. If you’re an anxious sleeper or you just need that feeling of swaddling pressure to lull you to sleep, it’s a good option to consider, especially if weighted blankets do not sound appealing to you.

If you’re also willing to spend that much for a blanket, it’s a good option to consider, especially since you have 30 nights to test it before you fully commit. However, if you need that gentle pressure to sleep but want your movement to not be restricted and if you’re planning to get something that will serve you throughout the year and not just the summertime, we suggest checking out the best weighted blankets instead.

Hug Sleep Pod Move review: alternatives to consider

The Gravity weighted blanket is a terrific alternative if you need gentle pressure to help you sleep but not have your movements restricted. It is much more expensive than the Hug Sleep Pod Move, but because it does offer a bit of warmth, you can use it in the spring, autumn and winter months, as well as cooler days in the summer.

If you want something wearable, there are a lot of wearable blankets available that are much cheaper than the Hug Sleep Pod Move, like the Snuggie blanket.

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