Gravity Weighted Blanket review: the blanket that started a revolution made me a convert

The Gravity weighted blanket is the one that started the weighted blanket revolution, but is it worth the hype? It turns out, yes.

Gravity Weighted Blanket review
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T3 Verdict

The Gravity weighted blanket lives up to the hype and delivers the coziest, most luxurious sleep you’ll ever have. It’ll make converts out of most people. If only it was a little more affordable and has bigger sizes for single sleepers.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Soft to the touch micro-fleece duvet cover

  • +

    It really works and is cat-approved

  • +

    Keeps you warm

Reasons to avoid
  • -


  • -

    No lighter options in bigger sizes for single sleepers

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I hate the Gravity Weighted Blanket. I don’t hate it because it’s a terrible product. On the contrary, it’s an amazing one. The problem is that my cats love it too, possibly even more than I do. They laze and cuddle on this blanket like there’s no tomorrow, like the closest thing they’re ever going to get to being held before the world ends. And, therein lies the problem: having two 15-lb cats lie on this 21-lb blanket while I’m under it isn’t my idea of cozy.

So, while this weighted blanket gives me the dreamiest slumber I’ve ever had, I also sometimes wake up in the middle of the night because I either have 36 pounds of weight on my 120lb person or I’m semi-delirious from the cold because my cats have managed to monopolize the blanket and I’m only left a sliver of it.

Cat anecdotes aside, the Gravity Weighted Blanket has made a convert out of me. I’ve never been a believer in weighted blankets. Being someone who absolutely detests being weighed down when sleeping, I didn’t really like the idea of them. As a person who suffers from mild insomnia, however, I’m the perfect target user, and I’m honestly glad to have given it a try. Of course, it makes cosmic sense that the weighted blanket that started it all is the one to convince me that they really do work.

The Gravity Weighted Blanket is a hefty investment as far as blankets go, being one of the pricier options on the market, and if you are a blanket hog like me and single, you might not like the idea that you’re limited to the single size as the company’s queen/king sizes only come in 35 pounds. However, there’s a reason why it launched the weighted blanket revolution. Read on to find out why.

Gravity Weighted Blanket review: design

The Gravity weighted blanket comes with a premium micro-fleece velboa plush (100% polyester) duvet cover that’s soft to the touch, cat-approved, and breathable enough to keep you somewhat cooler in the hotter months. It’s thick enough, however, to help you stay warm in the winter and robust enough to survive cats making biscuits, which as you know comes with some clawing byproduct.

It houses an inner weighted mat that is made of polyester fiber and polyester fiber batting and filled with glass beads, which are distributed throughout and separated by gridded stitching. To keep this mat in place, it’s secured very effectively to the cover with simple ties and elastic-button connectors.

I’ve noticed that the beads are not evenly distributed here, as some squares seem to be lighter and have less of them than others, particularly the ones in the middle. But, as we cannot open them up to compare or weigh each square individually, we cannot say this for sure. If it is true that some squares have more beads than others, we’re assuming that Gravity designed them that way for a specific purpose. The stitching, after all, seems very tight and effective at keeping those beads from migrating from one square to another.

Bear in mind that it’s only the cover that’s machine-washable here (cold water, tumble dry on low). So, if one of your kids or pets throws up on it, you will end up having to hand-clean and air dry that inner mat – and, trust me, it’s not a fun experience. Do what I do, and put a thick throw blanket over it when it’s not in use to limit such accidents.

Both single and queen/king sizes come in seven appealing colors: gray, oat, navy, teal, plum, gold, white. The single is 72 x 48 inches while the queen/king is 90 x 90. I opted for the single size as the queen/king only comes in 35 pounds, which is way too heavy for my single, 120lb frame, and that somewhat puts a damper on the experience sometimes, especially since I do move a lot when sleeping. But, it hasn’t been as bad as I originally thought it would be. I’ve simply just developed an instinct to move the blanket as I change positions.

Gravity Weighted Blanket review: comfort

If you haven’t used a weighted blanket before, it works on the premise that limiting movement without feeling confined makes us feel secure and comforted, much like a baby would when swaddled. The Gravity Weighted Blanket uses deep pressure stimulation that’s similar to feeling like you’re being held or tightly hugged, which increases melatonin and serotonin to promote sleep.

When weighted blankets first became popular, I was one of the skeptics mostly because I don’t really enjoy being weighed down when sleeping, especially around my legs and feet. But, the Gravity Weighted Blanket proved me wrong. Even though my test model is a little heavier than is recommended (your weighted blanket should weigh in at 10% of your body weight), it has improved my sleep habits as well as the quality of my sleep. It really does work.

The downside is that Gravity only has the queen/king size in 35lbs (according to the website, that weight was determined after extensive testing to ensure a comfortable yet effective experience), which would likely prevent me from breathing properly due to the weight on my chest. 

The problem with the single size, especially if you’re like me and you often change positions when sleeping, is that you’d have to constantly adjust the blanket so that it moves when you move. Otherwise, you end up with a cold back or your legs exposed. It didn’t take me long to adjust, however, and it probably won’t take you long to do so either, so this isn’t that big of a downside.

Although this isn’t a cooling weighted blanket, I found its temperature regulation to be effective. The cover is made of breathable fabric, which means that it shouldn’t feel too hot in the summer months. At the same time, it does keep me fairly warm in the winter as well. Although I have my space heater turned on low, my room tends to be chilly at night – this blanket does a great job of protecting me from that chill. That is, if my cats haven’t monopolized it.

Gravity Weighted Blanket review: pricing

The Gravity Weighted Blanket is a premium option and one of priciest on the market. It will set you back $249.99 for the single size and $299.99 for the king/queen, making it a high-end investment as far as weighted blankets are concerned. 

The single size comes in three weight options: 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs. The queen/king size, unfortunately, only comes in 35lbs, so if you’re looking for a bigger blanket that’s lighter, you’ll want to check out offerings from other brands like Luna and Baloo in the US.

Currently, Gravity only ships to US and Canadian addresses for orders made on its website. However, if you live in Europe, there are several European stockists that sell the blanket, including Amazon and Selfridges.

Gravity Weighted Blanket review

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Gravity Weighted Blanket review: should I buy it?

The biggest downside to the Gravity Weighted Blanket is that it’s expensive. Starting at $249.99, it is much pricier than many other offerings on the market. Granted, you’re actually paying for something that started the whole weighted blanket revolution and that is self-proclaimed to be the only weighted blanket scientifically proven to improve sleep quality by an independent study, that doesn’t actually mean other weighted blankets aren’t as effective. So, you’re in a way paying a hefty sum for that guarantee and for the name.

Not that it isn’t effective, however. As a skeptic, the Gravity Weighted Blanket has made a convert out of me, an insomniac who hates being weighed down during slumber. The Gravity Weighted Blanket has not only improved my sleeping habits but also elevated my sleep quality.

The design cover is plush and soft to the touch, adding a luxurious experience as well. And, the whole thing ensures your warmth at night. So, even if you are paying a lot, it’s a small price to pay to invest in your health, wellness, and quality of sleep – and, to an extent, your productivity at work as well. Plus, it’s cat-approved so what more could you ask for?!

Gravity Weighted Blanket review: alternatives to consider

Because this is a premium weighted blanket, the Gravity Weighted Blanket might not be for budget-minded users. Consider the Luna Weighted Blanket if you’re looking for something cheap. The brand offers larger sizes that are lighter for much less, making it perfect for people who want a big blanket. Brooklinen has a weighted throw blanket that’s more in the mid-range, as does Leila and Baloo – all three offering options under $200.

If you prefer a knitted one, the Yaasa Serenity Knit Weighted Blanket is among the best knit options out there. It does, however, sit around the same price point as Gravity’s offerings.

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