Blunt Umbrella XL: the best large umbrella around

Taut and strong - the ideal umbrella for the races or the rowing

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If you're after a large umbrella that will withstand stormy weather, you'd do well to check out the Blunt - it's a terrific canopy that's been wind tunnel-tested up to Gale Force 10. What's more, Blunt is so convinced in its own product and storm-resistance that it offers a two-year warranty, too.

Billed as its “largest street umbrella”, the Blunt XL is available in red, royal blue, black and grey (we like the red, though think the grey looks rather distinctive). It's nearly 1.4m across in diameter but doesn't weigh as much as you might think at 850g.

When folded, the length of the umbrella is just under a metre, so it's a good length for leaning on and generally looking important. The long handle also means you can lean it against your shoulder if you are in particularly strong winds or don't want to bear the weight.

The canopy itself is made from quick-dry polyester and struts are designed so they don't poke people in the eye. The eight rib frame is only part of the story of strength; Blunt says “the structural integrity of an umbrella is defined by its canopy. A canopy is only as strong as the tension applied to the fabric stretched across its ribs.”

Blunt has developed the Radial Tensioning System (RTS) to make sure the fabric remains taut, unflappable and easy to control - in other words, strong. Blunt also claims the XL's strength means you'll be able to use it year after year, too - it must be sure of its claim because, after all, it wouldn't be able to issue that excellent guarantee.


The Blunt XL is our favourite large umbrella - it's strong, reasonably light for the size and comes with that two year guarantee. So if it does break, you can always get a new one. Pretty awesome in our book!

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