Zwift Ride smart bike lets you control the game with a Playstation-like controller

The affordable smart bike is perfect for making the most of your Zwift sessions

Zwift launches Ride smart bike
(Image credit: Zwift)

I've been in the fitness tech business for long enough to report on the launch of the Zwift Run Pod back in 2020. Fast-forward to 2024, when the company is about to launch something significantly bigger than the pod: the new Zwift Ride.

Much like Zwift's platform, the innovative smart bike is designed to bring the thrill of outdoor cycling indoors.

Promising an immersive ride that replicates the sensation of tackling hills and slipstreaming, the brand says Zwift Ride ensures a realistic cycling experience without the hassles of weather, safety concerns, or prying eyes.

Zwift Ride stands out with its unique feature—a Playstation-like controller. This controller makes the virtual cycling experience even more engaging and interactive, allowing riders to navigate the game with ease and bringing a gaming twist to fitness.

The Ride consists of two parts: the Wahoo Kickr Core smart trainer and the Zwift Ride smart frame. The latter looks like a 'standard' road bike without the front wheel. And while it doesn't come across as the most sturdy exercise bike, judging by the videos, it is stable and handles well.

Of course, the smart bike is more than just a simple frame. From electronic shifters and fully adjustable seats and cockpit to the unique game controller and automatic shifting, the Ride is a complete home workout machine.

New Zwift Ride | Smart Bike and Indoor Cycling Setup - YouTube New Zwift Ride | Smart Bike and Indoor Cycling Setup - YouTube
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The Zwift Ride doesn't have a display, but it works with any compatible tablet or smart TV that can run Zwift. Using what is admittedly the best-known virtual training platform in the world, cyclists can train across virtual terrains, join a vibrant community of like-minded riders, and choose from various training plans to meet specific fitness goals.

"When connected to Zwift, riders have an entire virtual world at their fingertips with group rides, communities, and training plans ready to help them meet their fitness goals,' says Zwift CEO and Co-Founder Eric Min. "Zwift Ride is always ready, quiet, and, most importantly, easy to adjust, meaning anyone in the home can enjoy the benefits of riding on Zwift."

Priced competitively at £1,200/ $1,299 (approx. AU$1,955), the Zwift Ride will be available to buy from 26 June 2024 at Zwift.

It comes with a ‘Frame Key,’ a handy tool for adjusting the bike to fit any rider's specifications, including saddle height, handlebar height, and reach.

For added convenience, a front tray holds essentials like a towel, water bottle, and phone. An optional tablet holder, supporting iOS and Android devices, can be purchased separately for £39.99 (a bit naughty if you ask me).

Zwift membership is sold separately.

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