Zoom is finally available on Apple TV

You can now enjoy Zoom calls from the comfort of your sofa with your iPhone as the camera

Zoom on Apple TV
(Image credit: Zoom)

Earlier this year, Zoom promised that it would bring its videoconferencing app to the Apple TV. And now it's here. The app uses Apple's Continuity Camera feature to use your iPhone as the camera –none of the the Apple TV's various versions have a webcam – and it uses your TV's screen and speakers for the other participant(s).

The app is called Zoom for Home TV, and while it shares its name with the Google Play app of the same name for Android TVs it's specifically for Apple devices and requires you to have tvOS 17 on your Apple TV. The app supports Apple TVs from the second generation onwards. You'll also need to be running iOS 17 on the iPhone you intend to you use as your camera.

If you've used your phone for FaceTime on your Apple TV you'll know what to expect; if not, it's just a matter of installing and launching the app on your TV, pairing your phone by scanning a QR code and then starting or joining a video meeting.

What can you do in Zoom on your Apple TV?

Pretty much the same things you can do in the app for your Mac, iPhone or iPad: there's HD audio and video support, calendar integration so you don't forget about calls, in-meeting chat and the ability to be moved to a breakout room. 

The only real problem with Zoom on Apple TV is where to put your iPhone, as that of course needs to be pointing at you. If like me your TV's sitting on a bit of furniture a bit of careful propping can get a reasonable camera angle, but if you're going to be using Zoom more frequently or for more professional reasons and want to make the best impression every time you might want to invest in a phone holder such as Belkin's MagSafe Mount or iPhone mount. Just be careful if you’re mounting your phone to the top of your TV: that's a lot of weight for any mount to support.

The Zoom for Home TV app is available now. It's free but requires you to have or sign up for a free or paid-for Zoom account.

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