Turn your iPhone into a MacBook webcam for less than £30

The Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe will seriously upgrade video calls on your MacBook

MacOS Ventura Continuity Camera
(Image credit: Apple)

It feels like an age since we first heard about MacOS 13 Ventura. Unveiled back in June, we got to see all the delights that were destined for MacBook and iMac owners. It's set for a full release on October 24th, and one of the hottest features offers a brilliant upgrade for video calling on your MacBook.

The Continuity Camera allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam, thanks to a fantastic piece of engineering from Belkin. The mount connects to your iPhone via MagSafe, and features a hinged mounting point to clip your phone to your MacBook. It also doubles as a kickstand and a pop socket thanks to a larger hinged piece, with a hole for your finger.

Then, with Continuity Camera, your iPhone wirelessly connects to enable the use of its' camera for high-quality video calling. The Belkin mount is available on Apple's website now, and will set you back just £30 / $30 / AU$45.

That's fantastic value for a serious upgrade. It's no secret that the camera in devices like the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lack some horsepower. That's not to say they're bad – they are more than enough for most users – but they can often feel a little outdated, particularly when you consider the sheer brilliance of the camera in devices like the iPhone 14 Pro Max. And, given that most owners of a MacBook will also own an iPhone, it's a no-brainer.

It's not just your face that will get a new level of clarity, either. Thanks to the ultra-wide angle sensor on iPhone 11 and later, you'll also be able to use Desk View. Desk View allows you to show off what you're doing on the desk in front of you, while also keeping your face in view in another window. A clever combination of camera trickery means there's no distortion, allowing you to demonstrate what you're doing without the need for a second camera feed.

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