Your office chair could be ruining your gym results — here's why

Are you working from a poorly designed office chair?

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Since Covid-19, hybrid and remote working has had more than its fair share of benefits, especially when it comes to improving our work/life balance. However, it's also left many people with poor work setups, or even no setup at all. These substandard work environments could be affecting our bodies more than we know, especially for those with fitness goals. 

With this in mind, Matt Ousby, ergonomic chair expert at Slouch, has teamed up with fitness and physiotherapist experts to reveal how a poorly designed office chair could be affecting your progress in the gym. 

Keep reading to find out the short and long term effects of using the wrong kind of office chair, and how it could be affecting your fitness goals as a whole. 

What are the effects of using the wrong office chair?

Shaun Thompson, a personal trainer and coach, explains that one of the most common short term issues he sees resulting from a poor work setup is ‘shrimp neck’. Sometimes known as tech neck, this issue is caused by constantly looking down at laptops and phones, which can have a detrimental effect on our shoulders and necks. Other issues include tight hamstrings and weak glutes due to long periods of sitting. 

Shaun also explains that long term can include impingement and sciatica, resulting in horrific pain and consistent migraines. He also cautions that “using and overworking the wrong muscles can cause serious issues such as slipped discs or torn muscles.”

 How is your chair affecting your progress in the gym? 

Shaun explains that pain from poor work setups can affect our ability to move around, even if it’s just a short walk at lunchtime. It can bring on issues such as sciatica, which can be extremely painful and can put your gym goals on hold for a considerable amount of time. 

In turn, poor mobility can affect our bodies in the gym as well. Shaun explains how our "mobility is the foundation you work from which then allows you to build strength and lead a high quality of life." 

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