Your car could soon have more TV screens than your home

LG Display imagines a future where OLED panels are everywhere in vehicles

LG Display car concept
(Image credit: LG Display)

One of LG's offshoots, LG Display, will use the coming CES to debut its vision of the future for automotive infotainment, and as you might expect, it involves screens... lots and lots of screens.

LG Display makes the panels you find in LG's own OLED TVs, plus models from numerous other manufacturers (such as Philips in the UK). It also supplies display tech to other industries, and its proof of concept technologies for this year's consumer electronics show are designed for use by car makers.

They include large-sized solutions that cover the entire dashboard, plus slidable and foldable OLED screens for entertainment use in the back of seats or that descend from the roof.

LG Display car concept

(Image credit: LG Display)

Technologies such as P-OLED, Advanced Thin OLED (ATO), and LTPS (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon) LCD have been utilised in a test scenario to show the innovative use of in-vehicle displays.

P-OLED is ideal for dashboard use, for example, as it uses a flexible plastic substrate that can be bent to the exact specifications of car or EV.

LG Display has also developed a safety enhancement solution – Switchable Privacy Mode – that adjusts a display's viewing angle away from the driver's line of sight. This enables the front passenger to watch a movie, for example, while the driver can continue to concentrate on the road.

It's not exactly new, as some manufacturers have used similar technologies in the past – such as lenticular displays that feature different viewpoints depending on where you are sat – but it seemingly works without hampering the overall experience or resolution.

"We will continue to strengthen our global leadership with our latest optimal automotive display solutions for the next generation of mobility," said LG Display's head of auto, Byeong-koo Kim.

T3 will be out in Las Vegas at CES all next week. It starts on 9 January 2024, with some keynotes and press conferences taking place the day before. We'll bring you all of the news and first impressions from the show itself.

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