You Mawo creates perfectly fitting glasses using an iPad and a 3D printer

Each pair is entirely customised to your face

You Mawo

There's nothing more annoying than a pair of glasses that don't fit right. Too large and they're forever slipping down your nose, too small and they uncomfortably pinch your temples. 

Enter You Mawo, a pioneering German eyewear brand which 3D prints eyewear tailor made for your face.

The brand uses an iPad and the newest generation of infrared scanning technology to create a 3D scan of your head.

It'll measure 11 different dimensions: glass size, nose bridge width, inclination, temple angle, length of temple, inscription in temple, bending of temple, base curve, nose pad size, nose pad angle, nose pad position.

With these measurements, which are recorded in a matter of seconds, You Mawo can adapted each individual frame to the wearer.

It's the first brand that offers this technology, and claims it's 100-percent accurate. 

You Mawo offers a wide selection of specs and sunglasses, each available in ten different colourways. These include black, grey, brown, blackberry, olive (our favourite), navy, raspberry, graphite, sandstone and Bordeaux. 

All styles are simple, timeless designs, and are featherlight at just 14 grams.

They are produced out of polyamide, and are equipped with a proprietary single flex hinge. 

We've had a pair of classic rounded 'Trivor' frames made for us, and are amazed at how comfortable they are. We often forget we're wearing them.

Fancy getting a pair for yourself? You Mawo's frames are sold exclusively via selected opticians (you can find your nearest store on their website). 

Starting price for You Mawo’s standard collection begins at approximately £420, whilst the bespoke frames start at approximately £500. Delivery time for a custom-tailored frame is usually 15 working days. 

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