Here's how to pre-order the Apple Watch right now

Got some cash to splash on Apple's must have wearable?

You might have noticed there's a bit of buzz around a particular Apple Watch today – that's because Apple's much anticipated smartwatch can now be pre-ordered. Don't rush to camp out in a long line outside of your nearest Apple Store, however as you can pre-order the wearable from the comfort of your own internet connection, either via the Apple Online Store or through the Apple Store app on iPhone and iPad.

From 8:01am on April 10 you'll be able to choose from a large, and increasingly bewildering, range of options. There are three separate versions; Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition, and all come in two different sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm.

Although the style of the Apple Watch will play a part in your choice, the biggest consideration will be financial. The Apple Watch Sport starts at a reasonable (yet still pricey) £299, with the Apple Watch costing between £479 to £949, while the Apple Watch Edition come with a range of eye watering price tags that begin at £8,000.

Once you've finally managed to choose the model of Apple Watch you want (or can afford), the next hurdle is to choose a strap, and once again there's a large selection that varies in style and price.

Online orders will be delivered from April 24, and you can get personal help setting up the watch either online or in-store.

If you'd rather go to an Apple Store to go through the process of ordering an Apple Watch then you'll have to wait until April 24, when it will be available to buy in major cities such as London. Not all Apple Stores will carry the new Apple Watch and it could sell out fast, so if you really want to get hold of an Apple Watch, your best bet is to pre-order online.