You can listen to the EA Sports FC 24 soundtrack right now

FIFA has gone but the tunes are still here

EA Sports FC 24 screen with Erling Haaland
(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

EA Sports FC looks to be a bold new direction for the EA's football series but one thing that is persisting from the FIFA days is the licensed soundtrack. Featuring a mix of big names and rising stars, this is always one of the most beloved parts of the game.

With players likely listening to it for a year, the soundtrack is important and you can get a headstart on finding your favourites right now on streaming services including  Spotify. The mix of artists is especially eclectic this year with names ranging from The Rolling Stones to Fred Again, Kendrick Lamar and Stormzy to Romy from indie darlings The XX. These may just be names to you right now but you'll soon welcome them warmly every time you load up the game. Early standouts for me include M83's Amnesia and Jack Harlow's They Don't Love It

EA Sports FC 24 screen - Sam Kerr

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

It may sound unimportant compared to the gameplay but some 'FIFA songs' become genuine mega-hits (Heatwaves by Glass Animals springs to mind) off the back of their inclusion in the game. This culminated in FIFA 23 bringing back a host of fan favourites over the years to celebrate the last-ever game in the franchise and as a long-term player, this was an audio nostalgia trip that got me a bit emotional. This was the soundtrack to my teenage years and early twenties. Whenever John Newman's Blame or MGMT's Kids came on, suddenly I was in my childhood bedroom playing after school.

Of course, you'll also be able to hear the soundtrack while playing the game, and if you've pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition then that's very soon with early access launching on the 22nd of September. Even if you haven't pre-ordered, the Web App is now live, if you want to start your Ultimate Team early. But for now, you'll probably catch me with my headphones on grooving out. 

Andy Sansom
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