Yes, your Tesla Cybertruck really can double as a camper

Experience the wonders of camping from the back of an electric pickup

Tesla Cybertruck Basecamp
(Image credit: Tesla)

The Tesla Cybertruck finally went on sale to the general public last year (in the US, at least) and is gaining a name for itself as a decent electric alternative to the age-old, gas-guzzling pickup. But, did you know it's much more besides?

Tesla has big plans for the EV, with a series of modifications on the horizon that can change its usefulness. Elon Musk has even said there could be a mod to turn it into a boat.

That might be a little fanciful (or prohibitively expensive) but the first accessory pack has now been announced and it's actually a decent idea. Why just use your new Cybertruck to carry fruit and veg, or tractor parts, when your next family holiday can be held in the back of it?

The Cybertruck Basecamp is an inflatable tent that you attach to the flatbed in the back of the pickup. It has capacity for a family of three and not only can you simply turn up and pitch, you don't even have to sleep on the floor – it can therefore be used wherever the vehicle can travel.

There are no structural poles and the tent can be inflated using a standard foot pump. There are screen windows to keep air flowing inside, while the outer shell is weather resistant, as is an awning that can be lifted and pinned down.

As the truck bed also has its own power outlet you can also charge your devices while you sleep, or use the Cybertruck to run a small stove or (and yes, I have done this while camping) an air fryer.

And, when you're not using the Basecamp tent, the accessory packs away into a self-contained unit that you can mount above the flatbed. It's a pretty elegant solution all round.

So, if you fancy turning your space-age pickup into a space-age camper the Cybertruck Basecamp is available now through the Tesla app for mobile, priced at $2,975.

Considering the electric truck itself starts at around $61,000, that's not too much extra to give it a new function.

There's still no word yet on when Tesla will start to sell the Cybertruck outside the US, including the UK. We'll keep you informed as and when we find out more.

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