Xbox Series X back in stock at Amazon now

It's back in stock at Amazon, but be quick

Xbox Series X review
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Update: The Series X is now out of stock again, keep an eye on our Xbox Series X stock tracker to see when it's available again at UK retailers. 

Amazon has got another stock drop of the Series X. We saw this recently on Prime Day when the company release an allocation of the console. Now it's back and ready for your eager gamer fingers to click that buy button. 

Amazon's listing it for £449.99 or you can grab a bundle deal that will net you Forza Horizon 4 for £499.98. If you ask us, the Forza deal cracking, because that game is a fantastic showcase of the console, plus it takes advantage of better quality thanks to Microsoft's optimisation programme for games on the new console. 

For those looking for a slightly cheaper console, Amazon also has the Xbox Series S available for £249.99. There are loads of options to get it with various controllers too, including the Elite, although that bumps the price up to £398.99.

Xbox Series X | Currently out of stock

Xbox Series X | Currently out of stock
The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's flagship console. With support for 4K graphics and 120hz gaming support it's an absolute monster. As with most consumer electronics right now, it's a challenge to get. Recently Amazon has seen a number of stock drops, and the console is back today but will sell fast.   

Xbox Series X | Now back in stock £249.99

Xbox Series X | Now back in stock £249.99
Microsoft's Xbox Series S is the more affordable console. It offers great graphics performance, but don't expect the supercomputer performance of the Series X. It's a great soltion for those who care about games more than resolution and frame rate. A capable console nonetheless and well worth picking up for some next-generation fun. 

Stock problems on all the latest PC gaming hardware, and of course consoles are persisting. It seems like we won't start to see regular supply of any of this stuff until at least next year. 

Scalpers continue to make everyone's life a misery thanks to their bots which scoop up consoles as soon as they appear at retailers. Those stores seem not to care much, after all they're still getting paid. But the consoles then appear on eBay for a massive mark up. 

That's why we rush these stories up, hopefully you can scoop a console and avoid overpaying. Good luck gamers!  

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