Why Tile Pro is the perfect stocking filler this Christmas

A top-rated Bluetooth tracker that's hard to fault

Tile Pro
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Nobody likes misplacing their house keys and wasting precious minutes rummaging behind sofas to find them again. For me, it's an all-too-frequent occurrence and that's why I'm recommending the Tile Pro as the perfect Christmas present this year. This handy little gadget can track pretty much anything you own, which is why it belongs in your Christmas present plans this year (as well as in that wallet you're always losing).

Running late for work is no fun. Being late can happen for a number of reasons – but being unable to locate something like, say, your keys, wallet, or phone seems a pretty good place to lay the blame. But easily attached to your belongings, the Tile Pro smart tracker is a gamechanger, able to take you precisely to where you left the item through navigation info sent to the best iPhone and best Android phones.

The Tile Pro will set you back $34.99 / £29.99 / $49.95 and is available from Tile’s official store as well as several third-party vendors across different regions. The Tile Pro looks like an ordinary keyfob and includes a battery that will last for one year before it needs to be changed. It's also loud. Working up to a range of 120 meters, the alarm is loud and loops on repeat until you've located your lost belongings. 

Setting up the Tile Pro is simple as well, only requiring users to download the Tile app. Once downloaded, there’s a button that lets you instantly pair your Tile Pro, which then prompts you to input your details and pass the normal security settings before you're ready to track. Being the Pro version. 

Tile Pro is just one smart tracker in the Tile range, which also offers the Tile Mate and Tile Stickers. Because it's still reasonably priced, I'd recommend going for the Pro version as it offers a longer tracking range than the other models. Of course, there are other options, including the Apple AirTag and the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus, so it's worth shopping about if you're not quite sold on the Tile Pro.

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