Why eBay is the best place to cop those rare Yeezys

Be at the forefront of sneaker innovation with a pair of Adidas’ Yeezys

Adidas + Yeezy Boost 350
(Image credit: Adidas)

They’re not for everybody, but there’s no denying the colossal adulation received by Adidas and Kanye West’s sneaker brand, Yeezy, with its innovative and polarising designs often selling out immediately and going for huge sums amongst the reseller community.

Yeezy’s kicks have pioneered new territory within the sneaker industry, whether they be the audacious Yeezy 500 high-tops, the game-changing Yeezy Boost range, or even the rather alien-looking Yeezy Foam Runners, which have spawned a number of fraudulent imitators.

Given their high-demand and ever-increasing social status as the avante-garde sneaker option to get, tracking down a genuine pair of Yeezys can be a daunting task, particularly with so many fakes flooding the internet.

Thankfully, eBay is on hand to provide peace of mind with its Authenticity Guarantee (opens in new tab), which provides professional authentication, multi-point inspection and secure delivery for new condition sneaker purchases over AU$150 at no extra cost – simply look for eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee ‘tick of approval’ when browsing for your next (or first) pair of Yeezys.

Check out these eBay offers on the most popular Yeezy kicks:

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Adidas + Yeezy Boost 350 V2 (opens in new tab)

Ye changed the game when he introduced the first Yeezy Boost 350, and now it's arguably been improved upon for its second iteration.

Shop the full range of authentic Adidas + Yeezy Boost 350 V2s at eBay.com.au (opens in new tab)

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Adidas + Yeezy Foam Runner (opens in new tab)

With its unmistakably alien design, Yeezy's Foam Runners solidified the brand's legacy of thinking outside the box. They look weird, but wait until you actually try them on to form a definitive opinion.

Shop the full range of authentic Adidas + Yeezy Foam Runners at eBay.com.au (opens in new tab)

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Adidas + Yeezy 500 (opens in new tab)

Available in high (pictured) and low variations, the Yeezy 500 is slightly more traditional in terms of design than the Boost 350, however, many will argue that they're far more comfortable because of it.

Shop the full range of authentic Adidas + Yeezy 500 at eBay.com.au (opens in new tab)

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Adidas + Yeezy Quantum (opens in new tab)

Sleek and angular, with a dramatic slant along the heel, and a combination of suede and breathable knitted materials, Yeezy's Quantum (or QTM) sneakers are designed with an eye on the future. An instantly iconic silhouette from the House of Ye.

Shop the full range of authentic Adidas + Yeezy Quantum at eBay.com.au (opens in new tab)

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