Where to buy garden plants online from roses to trees, plus potato grow bags

Spruce up your spring with the best selection of garden plants, shrubs, trees and other things you can plant in your garden

Where to buy garden plants online
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It’s good news that garden centres are allowed to reopen with Dobbies leading the way. However those concerned about huge queues and social distancing mishaps can still opt to buy garden plants online. 

For while the world may be a little topsy turvy right now, one thing cannot be changed: spring is here, summer is a-coming, and gardens will be getting a lot of use. The same as every year, then, but more so.. 

So we've got this round-up of the best garden plant sellers online, with everything from shrubs to cyclamen, perennials to peonies, bamboo to… bushes. Lots of garden plants, basically. Do you want house plants? Then you are out of luck, friend.  

• Shop garden plant bundles at B&Q (opens in new tab) – they've got everything from root wrap roses to fruit trees in pots and herbaceous perennials

• Shop for roses at Homebase (opens in new tab) –  most garden plants at Homebase are not currently available but, for some reason, roses are. Homebase also has 20% off garden furniture (opens in new tab) right now

We've listed the big garden centres here, up top, as they are the brands people are gravitating towards now, but there are garden specialists with way more impressive stocks of garden plants of all kinds, so read on…

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More great places to buy garden plants online 

  • Thompson Morgan (opens in new tab) – a huge range available. 'Refer a friend and get 20% off'
  • Crocus (opens in new tab)– 20% off peonies!
  • Suttons (opens in new tab) – as used by the Queen, no less. 'Fast track' delivery of key seeds!
  • Dobies (opens in new tab) – humungous selection for home delivery
  • Amazon (opens in new tab) – yes, Amazon does sell plants. Thompson Morgan retails through it, too
  • Blooming Direct (opens in new tab)'Up to 14 days for delivery', so maybe more one for the May Day bank holiday
  • Direct Plants eBay store (opens in new tab) – established since 2006, now selling shrubs via eBay, with dispatch every 5-10 days
  • Please note that Waitrose Garden (opens in new tab) and the Royal Horticultural Society (opens in new tab) have been so inundated with orders that they have had to 'pause' operations

 Potato grow bag deals

potato grow bags

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Potato grow bags: £2.99 (was £6.99) with every potato order | Thompson Morgan (opens in new tab)

Potato grow bags: £2.99 (was £6.99) with every potato order | Thompson Morgan (opens in new tab)
Thompson Morgan is currently delivering as normal. It claims you get a 186% increase in yield if you use the company’s durable black/grey potato grow bags (opens in new tab). Right now, you’ll can save £4 - that’s almost 60% - on potato grow bags when you buy your seed potatoes from Thompson Morgan. Charlotte and Maris Piper potatoes start from £4.99/kg, but there are 35 different varieties to choose between.

Potato growing kits: from just £9.99 | Suttons (opens in new tab)

Potato growing kits: from just £9.99 | Suttons (opens in new tab)
This bargain patio potato growing kit is less than £10 at Suttons right now. You’ll get nine potato tubers (three of each variety: Charlotte, Maris Piper and Vivaldi ) plus three tough woven polythene planters measuring 45cm high x 35cm wide, and delivery is promised within 6-10 days. There’s a 14% discount on the larger 18 seed potato kit too.

Carbon Gold grochar all purpose compost 20L: £11.99| Crocus (opens in new tab)

Carbon Gold grochar all purpose compost 20L: £11.99| Crocus (opens in new tab)
Peat-free compost is the best choice for the environment. This all purpose compost is designed for use on vegetables, fruit and flowers, plus it’s organic, peat-free and Soil Association approved. (Alternatively, browse other quality composts at Crocus (opens in new tab).)

Seed potatoes: £4/kg on some potato varieties | Dobies (opens in new tab)

Seed potatoes: £4/kg on some potato varieties | Dobies (opens in new tab)
Seed potatoes are running out at Dobies - you can’t currently buy smaller 1kg packs of Charlotte or Maris Piper seed potatoes, although there are 5kg options with a 33% discount - but there are still many varieties on sale. And at £4 per pack, they’re great value.

Seed potatoes: from £2.49 | Crocus (opens in new tab)

Seed potatoes: from £2.49 | Crocus (opens in new tab)
Crocus has run out of potato grow bags, but you can still buy a wide variety of seed potatoes at the online store. A five-tuber taster bag starts from just £2.49 - which is perfect if you’re just dipping your toe into space-saving gardening. 

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