Watch YouTube on your TV? This free software upgrade is making it even better

The interface for watching YouTube on a TV is being changed

YouTube redesign 2022
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Quick Summary

Users of the YouTube for TV app will soon notice a redesigned user interface on their set.

The new design should make it easier to watch content while also finding information about the video you're watching.

When you throw on the TV in the evening, chances are you'll head straight for one of the best streaming services. Those are packed full of content to keep you occupied for hours on end.

The unsung hero of the streaming world, though, is YouTube. Like an encyclopaedia of just about every kind of content imaginable, the platform is a go-to for many users looking for quality entertainment or learning.

Now, users who watch content on the YouTube for TV app are getting a near software upgrade which should improve the overall experience. That sees the user interface updated to improve the viewing experience.

Currently, when users click on the title of a video, the information card appears over the top of the content. That covers around 1/3 of the screen, which can leave users missing crucial content.

The team have taken on that feedback, and embarked upon a redesign process to fix it. That's now here, and crucially the new design won't cover the content. Instead, the window will shrink down to fit in the gap off to the side, ensuring you can keep one eye on the content while you check out the video details.

It's not yet clear whether the update will roll out via an app update, or with a server-side push. Some users online have already spotted it, though, suggesting it could be pushed out from the company side.

If that is the case, you won't have any control over when the update comes to your device. Instead, users would have to wait for the new software to arrive on their TV. Still it's worth keeping an eye out for.

While it's hardly the most groundbreaking change in history, the update should make life a little easier – or at least more convenient – for users. As someone who spends most of their free time on YouTube, it's one which I'm personally looking forward to.

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