How to watch Netflix 4K on your PC

Got Windows 10 and a 4K monitor? You're almost ready to start enjoying UHD Netflix at last

If you’ve already got a beefed up computer with plenty of power and a 4K monitor, perhaps for gaming, then you will be pleased to hear it should now support 4K Netflix too.

Until recently PC owners were not able to stream Netflix in all its UHD glory but a new update has changed all that.

Here’s how to stream 4K Netflix on your PC.

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Watch 4K Netflix on PC: Get the right hardware

Before anything else you’ll need to make sure you own a 4K display so that all that gorgeous high resolution streaming can appear somewhere suitable. Next you’ll need a PC that can handle the task.

In order for a PC to stream the full 4K Netflix experience it will need to have a 7th Gen Intel Core Processor. Yup, that means you’ll need the Intel Kaby Lake hardware to get access to the high-def streaming service.

Watch 4K Netflix on PC: Upgrade your software

The only Windows software platform on PC that will run 4K Netflix right now is Windows 10. So if you’ve not yet upgraded this might be the ideal motivation.

Once you’re running Windows 10 you’ll need to open the Microsoft Edge browser to get started. Yup, that’s the only way to get access to the 4K stream. If you don’t use it as your main browser then it might be a nice way to have a dedicated browser reserved just for 4K Netflix - at least you’ll know what to set your homepage to.

Of course you’ll also need a Netflix subscription that supports full UHD streaming. Once you’ve got all that you’ll be ready to enjoy the ever growing library of 4K video on offer from Netflix.

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