Want to build your ultimate vinyl deck? Pro-Ject has you covered

Make your high-end turntable truly personal with Pro-Ject's new Configurator

Pro-Ject Configurator
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Quick Summary

The new Pro-Ject Configurator enables you to spec your own Xtension 9 turntable from a selection of tonearms, cartridges and even power supplies.

If you're in the market for one of the very best record players, Pro-Ject has just made its impressive Xtension 9 even more attractive: the new Pro-Ject Configurator enables you to make it special by choosing all the key components. 

The Configurator is based around the Xtension 9 evolution turntable, which has a heavy aluminium platter, an inverted main bearing assembly with a ceramic ball and magnetic support for frictionless rotation, and magnetically isolated suspension feet. Even with the default options you're looking at a really tremendous turntable, but the options available to you include some very significant upgrades to the standard spec.

What can you customise in the Pro-Ject Configurator?

You begin by choosing the plinth: the first option is Pro-Ject's signature gloss black but you can also go for white or choose from seven different wood veneers. Once you've done that it's time to move on to the key components.

The first component you can specify is the tonearm. The default is the Evo 9 CC, but there are seven more options ranging from 300 euros to 1,500 euros (all the options are currently priced in euros). Next up there are three cartridges ranging from the standard MC3 to the premium DS2 and the "top notch" MC9. 

Next up, you can choose from six different phono pre-amps. There are three different models here, all of which are balanced, and each one is available in black or silver to match your tonearm choice. You can then choose whether or not to go for some very expensive phono cables – the top option here is a whopping 799 euros – and add a high spec power supply, again in a choice of black or silver.

As you've probably noticed the prices here aren't for the faint-hearted; in my fantasy turntable adventures today I ended up speccing a turntable that came close to £8,000; with the defaults the price is a still-hefty €3,299, which is roughly £2,700. But that's high end audio for you, and if you're lucky enough to be in the target market then you can clearly create something really incredible. 

The Pro-Ject Configurator is online now and you can find it here.

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