Ultraviolette F99 is the electric superbike you’ve never heard of, but desperately need in your life

Active aero, razor-sharp styling, and a 160 mph top speed are just a few highlights

Ultraviolette F99
(Image credit: Ultraviolette)

It’s ok, we forgive you for perhaps not knowing of Indian electric motorcycle maker Ultraviolette. After all, it currently only has one machine in the early stages of production, the F77, which is currently only available in its home country of India.

However, the brand has big ambitions to conquer Europe, where the F77 will arrive next year, as well as North American and Asian markets. And, to signal its intent, it took a stand at this year’s EICMA motorcycle show - Milan’s annual festival of two-wheeled exotica that took place earlier this month.

On that very stand sat the F99, which takes Ultraviolette's electric motorcycle learnings and turns the dial up to 11. Topline figures look like this: a 265km/h (165mph) top speed, 90kW (120hp) total power output, 178kg overall weight, and a 0-62mph dash in just 3 seconds.

Look at it. The aviation-inspired aerodynamics have been pinched from fighter jets and employed to ensure the F99 remains glued to a race circuit, but also make it look about as menacing as high-performance machines get.

Ultraviolette F99

(Image credit: Ultraviolette)

The frame is fashioned from a steel hybrid construction, the swingarm is pure aluminium and the sharply-creased body work is all carbon fibre. Cheap this won’t be, but the performance from its lightweight battery packs and potent liquid-cooled electric motor will be bum-clenchingly fast.

Currently, the F99 is a Factory Racing concept, which will allow Ultraviolette to gauge the reaction of potentially interested privateer riders, looking to put the bike to the test on track. That said, it hasn’t denied speculation that there could also be a road-going variant.

Considering the F77 will cost between €9,000 - €11,000 when it goes on sale in Europe next year, it seems Ultraviolette also has plans to keep its prices ultra-competitive.

In that case, the F99 may very well spawn a slightly dumbed-down road-going version. If it does, we will be at the front of the queue.

Leon Poultney

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