Top 7 Amazon Cyber Monday deals on electric toothbrushes today – Oral-B and Philips Sonicare!

Electric toothbrush deals from Oral-B, Philips Sonicare are coming for YOUR teeth on Cyber Monday courtesy of Amazon

Amazon electric toothbrush Black Friday deals 2020
(Image credit: Oral B)

It's nearly Christmas and that can only mean one thing: The best Cyber Monday deals have arrived as UK retailers discount the latest gadgets and gizmos, from stocking fillers to iPads. One category of products that have amazing deals are electric toothbrushes, with Amazon offering big money off over the Black Friday weekend.

Electric toothbrushes are made by a lot of different companies but the two brands that are pretty clearly out in front are Philips, who develop the Sonicare line, and Oral-B, who have multiple different toothbrush versions depending on how 'smart' you want it to be.

For most people, a basic electric toothbrush will be more than enough. The upgrade from a manual brush is huge as it is, without adding in an iOS app or different brushing modes. But teeth cleaning connoisseurs have plenty of good options and most of those have some great Black Friday deals running.

Let's jump in...

Amazon Black Friday Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush deals

Deal of the day

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 | was £340 | Now £130 | Save £210
Just about the best toothbrush you can get, this Sonicare is usually very pricey as a result of its sheer goodness. Your teeth will never feel cleaner than after you've used this electric toothbrush and with this Amazon deal, you won't have your bank account 'cleaned out' for the privilege either. DEAL ENDS TODAYView Deal

Philips Sonicare 4300 | £139.99 £49.99 from Amazon
As we said, Philips is the other major brand has it all: smart heads (with a replacement reminder), two week battery life, a timer for moving mouth sections, two cleaning modes, and a travel case. There are blue, black, and pink options, too.View Deal

Amazon Black Friday Oral-B electric toothbrush deals

The posh one

Oral B iO Series 8 | Was £450 | Now £180 | Save £270 at Amazon
One of the best toothbrushes you can buy, this has an extremely high RRP that is rather off-putting to most right-thinking folk. At £180 it's still a premium purchase, but one that is justified by Oral-B's advanced magnetic drive motor, which gives super clean-feeling teeth, and excellent build quality. It's even quite stylish as toothbrushes go. View Deal

The mid-price one

Oral B Genius X  | Was £340 | Now £120 | Save £220 at Amazon
A more mid-priced offering from Oral B is today under £100. This one gives feedback on your brushing via an app and has a cleaning setting to suit anyone's mouth. The 'smart' features are not all that great, in all honesty, but the cleaning results of the Genius X are truly excellent. £120 is a very fair price for this 'Luxe edition'.View Deal

The cheap one

Oral-B Smart 6 6000 | Was £220 | Now £55 | Save £165 at Amazon
Oral-B's Smart range is exactly that: smart. There's five brushing modes for different sensitive, a two-minute timers, three heads, a nice travel case, and two week battery life from a single charge. It's also £165 off right now.View Deal

The REALLY cheap one

Oral B Pro 2 2500  | Was £80 | Now £33 | Save £47 at Amazon
This is clearly several steps down the ladder from the Oral-B options above but in terms of reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease, and generally guaranteeing healthy teeth, the Pro 2 is just as good really. This very cheap deal is click and collect only.View Deal

Brushing your teeth well is obviously one of the most important daily activities we undertaken and the right brush can make all the difference, or at least make life that much easier. Don't miss out on these great Black Friday Amazon deals.